Will You Really Lose Weight with a 1200 Calorie Diet?

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I want to take a minute to talk about not eating enough. Wait what? You heard me. So many people are focused on eating less: less calories, less fat, less carbs, less dairy, less FOOD. Well guess what? Your body NEEDS food to function, to think, to move, to build muscle. But we are constantly bombarded today with the idea that we must eat LESS, and less usually means 1200 calories.

There are so many women who suffer while trying to reach this "ideal". Whether it is in fear of gaining weight, or just not making time to eat, it is more dangerous than many people realize.

When you have a calorie deficit that is too low (you burn a lot more than you eat), it causes a lot of negative metabolic changes. Personally, I went through years of eating too little, even when I thought I was healthy. I have spent the past year or so dealing with much of my body's reactions to that calorie deficit, and I wish I knew then what I knew now. Some metabolic issues that happen include:

  1. Slowing your thyroid production (responsible for fat, carb and protein metabolism)
  2. Decreases muscle mass (muscle BURNS fat)
  3. Lowers testosterone (yes, women have and need testosterone!)
  4. Decreases leptin (regulates energy)
  5. Body stores fat in starvation mode in fear of not getting another meal

So remember, it is not about decreasing what you eat but rather increasing the GOOD foods to get your metabolism fired up!

It is SO important to not get caught up in what magazines or online calorie counters tell you. They are machines, inanimate objects, and people trying to make money. They don't know YOU and YOUR BODY.

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