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Third Year Law Student Chad Rubin Will Carry-on His Grandfather’s Legacy in the Legal Field

published December 15, 2014

By Author - LawCrossing
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Third Year Law Student Chad Rubin
Personal Life

Chad Rubin a third-year law student at Florida State University College of Law and anticipates a May 2015 graduation. Although he has several areas of interest, Chad is excited to pursue a career in administrative and regulatory law.

Chad grew up in a large family and a loud house. He has an older brother, Micah, older sister Carli, and a younger brother, Jesse. He is very close with his family and speaks with them at least once a week. He has the ability to read Hebrew proficiently and has begun to study Spanish after a trip to Ecuador in preparation for an upcoming trip to Colombia. He has been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel in Southeast Asia for three months where he visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. He has also traveled to Israel several times and been to Turkey, Poland, Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Chad is a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity and has become an expert in balancing a wide variety of responsibilities including family, law school, and community involvement. Chad prefers to place himself in situation with professionals and friends who share similar goals. He works hard to avoid situations that could have an undesirable effect on his career. He is attending law school to become a true professional and does his best to avoid adverse situations.

Chad received his B.S. in Communication from Arizona State University, where he was on the Dean's Honor List multiple semesters. While at Florida State University College of Law, he serves as the Associate Editor for the "Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law" where he also received two awards for Best Article and Notes Editor (Fall 2013 Semester) and Outstanding Article and Notes Editor (2013-2014). He is a member of Phi Delta Phi legal honors society and the Jewish Law Students Association. Chad is also a member in the Administrative Law Section of the Florida Bar and the Tallahassee Bar Association.

Chad was on the Dean's list his first semester in Law School and received the top grade in his Legal Writing Couse and course on Immigration Law. He has interned for Department of Homeland Security, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), where he was given the opportunity to assist the attorneys in immigration court. This experience allowed him to refine his legal research and writing skills. Chad interned as many hours as possible and made a difference to the department by helping to relieve overworked attorneys from an unmanageable caseload.

Additionally, Chad has worked for a firm that specialized in Administrative Law with a focus on representing corporations that are involved in highly regulated industries. He also wrote an appellate brief that Florida Third District Court of Appeals adopted as law, and the client won the appeal. Prior to law school he was a manager with a large corporation. He had an employee that was much older than he and seemed to show no interest in the company or enhancing his career. He established a plan with that employee through targeted communication, training, and motivation to help him change his outlook on his career. Since then the employee has been promoted multiple times and continues to progress within the company.

When asked about his hobbies and personal interests, he said, "I taught myself to play guitar while in college, so I enjoy playing outside of work and seeing live music when I get the opportunity. I also am an avid sports fan. I am a lifelong Ohio State Buckeyes fan after growing up there, an Arizona State Sun Devils fan after attending college there, and a Florida State fan now because of my attendance at the law school."

Chad's Academic Law Career and Future Aspirations

Why did Chad go into law? "I am the type of person that enjoys challenges, and prior to law school, I thrived on fixing situations whenever there was an issue. I decided that I could put this problem solving skill into effect by practicing law. Also, my grandfather was an attorney, and I wanted to be able to follow in his footsteps."

What are Chad's legal aims and aspirations?"I want to work for a firm that will allow me to establish a long and successful career where I can thrive both financially and in the community. I hope to earn enough money to not only support a family, but to help provide for the community I live in and help others who are in need."

Since law school can be hectic at times, he pointed out how he relieves stress. "If I get stressed, there are two outlets I may take. I will stop everything, take five minutes and just breathe and refresh. The other thing I like to do is pick up my guitar and play. If I play for one minute or three hours, I will be able to overcome any stress that I may have had."

Many readers are probably wondering how Chad handles new assignments. The third-year law student share shis secret to being a successful student:"When I receive a new assignment, I make sure to ask as many detailed questions as are needed to ensure I understand both the situation and what I need to do. I think the most important part of the question and answer period is to write EVERYTHING down. This way, I can get the assignment right the first time and act with efficiency."

Family Matters, Community Service, and Legal Role Models

Has Chad faced any obstacles in his life? He explained:

"While an undergrad, I dealt with a fair amount of groups that treated me different for my beliefs, but I never let it affect me."

How does he deal with fear? "I deal with fear by standing up and confronting it. For example, I used to have a fear of heights and never would ride roller coasters as a child. To get over this, I have since gone bungee jumping and jumped out of a plane with nothing but a parachute on my back (skydiving)."

Where did Chad derive his confidence? "When I was younger, I played every sport I could think of even if I wasn't very good. One day, I told my father that I couldn't hit the ball in baseball and he told me, "Chad, I never want to hear you use the phrase "I can't" again. You can do anything you put your mind to." I try and stick by this and whenever I think something is difficult, I go back to the words of my dad, and think, "of course I can do this."

What is his top priority outside of work? "My top priority is to maintain a strong and great relationship with my family. In my experiences, I have learned that family is the most important part of my life. I do my best to keep them informed and always am available for them when they need me. I also have a nephew and a niece that live in Sarasota, and I try to see them as much as I can."

Is Chad involved with community service? He noted:

"Prior to Law School, I volunteered with the Salvation Army for a year, where I would read books with children in families that were working to overcome difficult situations. I have also worked with the Habitat for Humanity several times in Ohio, Arizona, and Florida."

Does he have legal role models? Chad acknowledged:

"My grandfather of course. He opened his own practice in Toledo, Ohio, which is actually where I grew up. He was a man of extraordinary character. He balanced a busy law practice while ensuring that he had plenty of time for his family as well. He was very well respected in the Toledo legal community and was ecstatic for me when he found out I was attending law school. He passed away five days before my first ever law school exam and I have devoted myself to continuing to be an ethical and devoted attorney in his honor."

Personal Philosophy

What is Chad's personal philosophy? "My personal philosophy is that hard work, dedication and empathy will get a person wherever they want to go. I believe that if a person sets their mind to something, there is nothing he or she cannot do, and the only true obstacle is that person themselves."

What is Chad's favorite quote? "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

If he had three wishes, what would they be? "My wishes would be for good health for myself and my family, a long and successful career in law, and to be able to travel to as many countries and experience their cultures as possible."

Summary: Chad Rubin is a third-year law student at the Florida State University College of Law and anticipates a May 2015 graduation.

published December 15, 2014

By Author - LawCrossing
( 22 votes, average: 4.1 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.