Paralegals: What’s The Toughest Question You Answered During a Job Interview?

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We asked paralegal Kimberli A. Taylor who is employed by Los Angeles' Conover & Grebe, LLP, what's the toughest question she answered during a job interview. We hope you enjoy her response.

I have been on both sides of this conundrum, as a candidate and the interviewer. The toughest ones that seem to be difficult to answer are: 1) What is your strongest weakness; and 2) Tell me about a problem you had at your work and how you overcame it.

This is difficult for candidates because they are trying to present the best picture of themselves to the interviewer and admitting you had a problem at work or that you have weaknesses is uncomfortable and appears to be negative. Candidates often don't know how to answer them. What interviewers are actually looking for are indications about how you will deal with future problems. Will you try to cover it up? Can you be subjective about yourself if you make a mistake? Will you throw someone else under the bus? Are you a team player? Also, whether you describe a problem with a coworker or a mistake you made with actual work is also telling as to personality.

Kimberli A. Taylor

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