What Every Attorney Should Consider Before Accepting That First Offer

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One criterion which, for many, seems to be of high priority is the annual salary.Even though the dollar amount is what you were looking for, it is important to consider a variety of related requirements an employer may have.For example, if this position requires a 70-80 hour work week, it is important to weigh this issue thoroughly. With any high-paying position come certain sacrifices.If an equally balanced quality of life is your top priority, then this position, although tempting, will have no long-term future.

The quality of the firm is also another area to consider, as it relates to your future job satisfaction.Will this position allow you to successfully demonstrate your skills and areas of expertise?Even though a firm’s status and prestige can be attractive, if their practice is not consistent to where your true passion lies, then this will become another obstacle you encounter in the near future.Analyzing and exploring your growth potential within a certain firm or corporation should be evaluated well before you accept an offer.The most important thing to remember is– love what you do… if this is accomplished than success will ultimately follow.

Many times attorneys often refer to ‘what if scenarios’. This notion can be useful in certain situations; however, deciding whether to accept a new job should be based on real- life scenarios and your present situation.It is impossible to know what lies ahead–but by being able to make accurate and precise decisions given the information at hand, will enable you to find the best possible fit for you and your future.The bottom line…know what you want.Only you know what is best for your career.While it is common to ask others for advice regarding one’s career path, your final decision should ultimately lie with you.

Finding that ideal position can be a grueling task; once you have determined the type of opportunity you are specifically looking for, you are then more well-equipped to decide which offer is best suited for your career.Accepting an offer is not an everyday event and shouldn’t be treated as such.A thorough assessment of your goals and priorities should be well-examined at the beginning of your job search.It is then, you can rest assured knowing you made the right decision.

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