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Norton Rose Fulbright Adds Forty Six Partners

Following the merger of Norton Rose and Fulbright & Jaworski, this year has seen the largest number of attorneys added or promoted as partners. The number this year is 46 up from last year's 33. The law firm has added a big number of new partners for the first time in US post merger.

Peter Martyr, the chief executive of Norton Rose said "These are our first promotions in the United States following our US combination last year." Norton Rose's merger with Fulbright came into effect from 3 June 2013.

The Houston office of the firm has hired two new partners while both the Austin and Dallas offices have taken two each. Dispute resolution and litigation partner Eric Herzog joined the firm in Los Angeles. In other regions of the world, too, the firm has made significant additions. In South Africa there were eight new promotions, while 12 lawyers have made partner in the firm in Europe, with 10 out of 12 being in London.

Canada is also playing a big role in the firm's worldwide presence and in 2013, almost a third of new partners worldwide came from Canada. This year, 11 lawyers have made it to partner positions in Canada, South Africa has eight, and US has had seven lawyers promoted.

Though practice seems to be growing for the firm in other regions of the world, there is news that it has decided to close down its Prague office for the second time.

In a significant display of shattering of the glass ceiling, 20 out of 46 new partners were female continuing the trend set last year when 44 percent of those promoted were women.

Across practice groups, 17 promotions occurred in corporate, M&A and securities, nine in banking and finance, and ten lawyers were promoted in litigation.

Last year, the law firm promoted only 33 lawyers to partnership worldwide, coming down from 36 the previous year.

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Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

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