Florida Law Grad Sentenced to Life for Murder of Girlfriend

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Jason Bohn, 35, a University of Florida law grad was sentenced to life in prison last week for murdering his girlfriend. At the time of the murder, Bohn's girlfriend had an order of protection against him. The New York Post reported that Bohn cried so much during his sentencing that his nose began to bleed.

Bond was convicted in March after jurors heard a voice mail recording of his 27-year-old girlfriend, Danielle Thomas, in which she repeatedly pleaded and told Bohn she couldn't breathe while Bohn was engaged in strangling her.

Apparently, Danielle had dialed the cellphone in her pocket during the murder. The recording showed Bohn saying, "This is your life," and, "Danielle, you don't have a lot of time."

About two weeks before the murder, Danielle Thomas had approached the law enforcement and reported that Bohn used to hurt and threaten her. While Thomas was at the police station, Bohn called her and a sergeant heard him say that he would "hunt her down like a dog in the streets." He said it was war and that he would make her life impossible, according to the Queens DA's office.

Subsequently, Bohn was arrested and charged with aggravated harassment and assault, while Thomas obtained an order of protection that failed to protect her. After killing Thomas, Bohn put her body in a bathtub and surrounded it with bags of ice.

Bohn's defense had claimed that Bohn had intermittent explosive disorder, but the jury didn't buy the argument. During the sentencing, Bohn told the court, "I'll never forgive myself for what I did and not getting help for my emotional and psychological issues."

He was sentenced to life without parole.

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