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Sedgwick to Open Global Administration Center in Kansas City

published February 10, 2014

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Sedgwick to Open Global Administration Center in Kansas City

Following the latest trends in cost-cutting and near-shoring work, California's Sedgwick LLP has decided to create its global administration center in downtown Kansas City, with an investment of $4.6 million and backing from the Missouri state administration. Local administration expects the law firm will bring at least 100 new jobs to Kansas City with an average annual salary of $68,000.

To assist Sedgwick LLP in its expansion, Missouri's Department of Economic Development has offered a strategic economic incentive package that can reach up to $2.7 million or more through the Missouri Works Program, if Sedgwick meets the job creation and investment criteria. The incentives would come in different packages including refundable tax credits and employer's withholding taxes incentive for retention of employees. The withholding tax incentive program of Missouri was previously under the Missouri Quality Jobs program, but now it is a part of the Missouri Works Program.

Claiming it was a victory to bring Sedgwick to Kansas City, Bob Marcusse, CEO of the Kansas City Area Development Council said, "It's always great to attract highly paid professional talent from other parts of the country … And equally important to us is the fact that we competed against some wonderful parts of the country." Other city administrations that had bid to bring Sedgwick to their cities include Indianapolis and Raleigh, N.C.

Praising Sedgwick's decision to create the administration center in Kansas City, and the work of the state administration, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said in a statement, "Businesses continue to locate to Missouri because of our talented workforce and stable business climate … We welcome Sedgwick to the Show-Me State and look forward to continuing to attract global companies to Missouri by investing in education and holding the line on taxes."

Michael Tanenbaum, Chair of Sedgwick LLP said, "We are very excited to consolidate our global administrative operations and open a Shared Service Center in Kansas City, Missouri … Being located in the heart of the country, Kansas City offers us a unique opportunity to tap into a diverse and talented workforce in a vibrant and pro-business environment, thus allowing Sedgwick to better meet the evolving needs of our clients and our thirteen domestic and two international offices. For Sedgwick, Kansas City is an excellent fit."

Sedgwick's plan to create an administrative center in Kansas City will allow the firm to improve efficiency by locating the global firm-wide services and operations under one roof including its Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Marketing and New Business functions. The Shared Services Center is expected to start functioning by June 2014.

Currently, the firm has more than 350 attorneys working from its offices in US, UK, and Bermuda.

To fill the positions at its service center, Sedgwick is partnering with the Metropolitan Community College Institute for Workforce Innovation and currently offering jobs in finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, practice support and professional development.