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Mark E. NeJame, One of the Country’s Best Attorneys, CNN Legal Analyst, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur is Making a Difference

published December 23, 2013

By Nabeal Twereet Follow Me on Google+
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Professional Overview

Mark E. NeJame
Mark E. NeJame is the founder and senior partner of NeJame Law . He is based in Central Florida with his main office in Orlando, but has frequently handles state as well as federal cases throughout Florida and much of the United States, including the Caribbean, Massachusetts, California, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virgin Islands, New York, and Virginia.

For the first twenty-five years of his thirty-three year career, Mark primarily dedicated his practice to criminal defense. Today, it appears NeJame Law has the largest criminal defense team in Florida. Mark expanded his firm's practice areas several years ago, and it now includes personal injury, real estate, immigration and civil/commercial litigation divisions. Utilizing the same reputation, negotiation, and trial skill for which Mark and his firm have become renowned, NeJame Law's vibrant personal injury division and team assist those who have been injured in everything from excessive use of force by law enforcement to negligent security injuries to vehicle accident cases. The real estate, immigration, and civil/commercial litigation divisions are also devoted to the same level of excellence NeJame Law demands.

Mark is dedicated to making sure that his firm and its team of trial lawyers offer aggressive, ethical, creative, and compassionate representation in seeking the best results on behalf of its clients. He has represented many high-profile clients, including boy band "guru" Lou Pearlman, Texas EquuSearch in the Casey Anthony Case, and professional golfer Tiger Woods. Mark is the first lawyer known to have won a settlement against NBA star Charles Barkley, and he has represented notable athletes, celebrities, politicians, professionals, renowned business figures, judges, lawyers, and law enforcement officers. Mark declined to represent George Zimmerman twice in connection with the death of Trayvon Martin.

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