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Vicente Sederberg Recruits Political Powerhouses

Vicente Sederberg LLC, commonly dubbed the marijuana law firm, is soon gaining political interests with political powerhouses Ted Trimpa and Steve Fox joining the firm. Fox is well known for lobbying and working with a number of marijuana advocacy groups, but it is Ted Trimpa who steals the show. Trimpa is hailed as one of the staunchest progressive politicians in Colorado, and to the extent that The Atlantic called him "Colorado's answer to Carl Rove." Trimpa has joined the marijuana law firm as of Counsel.

Brian Vicente, co-founder of the law firm Vicente Sederberg said, "We are very excited to have these two national strategists join our team. As the marijuana industry develops, it is critical that we not only represent our clients' business interests, but also engage in the political process."

Steve Fox will be handling the law firm's government relations work. Fox is a co-founder of the National Cannabis Industry Association, a group representing the interests of more than 300 state-legal businesses. Steve was one of the guiding forces behind the Amendment 64 campaign and implementation in Colorado.

Trimpa is recognized both locally and nationally as the driving force behind building the "Colorado Model" that integrates and networks independent-expenditure groups to advocate for liberal candidates and causes. Trimpa is credited as being a major influencing factor in helping Democrats win in Colorado.

Besides being a political activist, Trimpa is the Principal and CEO of Trimpa Group LLC, a national political consulting and government relations firm specializing in progressive public policy advocacy and political strategy. He often represents multinational majors in health care, oil and gas and his list of clients include drilling giants like EnCala and Noble Energy. Pharma Company, Novartis is also one of Trimpa's clients.

In the third quarter of 2013, Novartis paid Trimpa Group $45,000 for his contribution to the cause of the company.

Trimpa has been actively supporting the legalization of marijuana and trying to remove the stigma associated with the consumption of pot. In fact, he is the person who coined and copyrighted the phrase "Pot is the new gay." So, his joining force with the premiere marijuana law firm was only a matter of time; unless, of course, he chose to create his own setup for the cause.

As the Denver Post commented, Trimpa is smart enough to understand how political activism and commercialism go hand in hand, and his obtaining trademark of the phrase, "pot is the new gay" is a vivid example of the reality.

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