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What You Need to Know about a Career in Law

published October 14, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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What You Need to Know about a Career in Law
Gone are the days when a career in law was considered to be a difficult decision and not a very lucrative one. However, in the current age, due to a rise in complex legal situations, many individuals have started opting for a legal career. With every passing day, hundreds of jobs are being created in both core and noncore legal functions. The roles vary from lawyers, judges, mediators, secretaries, consultants, etc. With so much to choose from, one can imagine the speed at which a legal professional's role is evolving.

Over the years the law firms across the globe have reported staggering growth in profits and an increased headcount. The salaries across the broad range of legal positions have also seen an upward trend. The double digit growth experienced by the legal sector has made it one of the most lucrative employment opportunities. On an average an associate at a good law firm starts at a salary of $150,000 to $180,000. At the same time the partners of law firms often earn in excess of $1.2 million.

A legal career gives a sense of satisfaction to the people associated with it. The feeling of fighting for the truth and assisting someone in winning his or her right is unimaginable. Helping others in their fight for justice forms the core function of legal personnel.

With increased segmentation in legal cases, the specialization in a legal career has also seen a substantial growth. Now a person opting for a legal career can opt for specialization in civil law, criminal law, tax law, family law and other practice areas. Tax law has become quite popular amongst legal career seekers due to the increase in the cases of tax evasion. A legal career requires the professional to stay abreast with the changes happening around him. This stimulates the intellectual capability of a law professional every day. Both lawyers and non-lawyers have to challenge legal issues and reasons with logic. They need to research complex statutory law and strive for perfection in oral and written communication.

Traditionally, the legal profession has remained mostly untouched by economic slowdown or recessions (except for in recent years) and there is no reason why this tradition cannot be maintained in the future. Many professionals practice and specialize in areas of litigation, bankruptcy and reorganization which are actually needed most during an economic slowdown. Hence, the number of job opportunities will continue to rise in these sectors irrespective of the economic weather.

A legal career has been portrayed as a very respectable and desired career. It has been regarded as a profession that is fast paced yet glamorous and exciting. With globalization of legal careers, the job opportunities have only grown. Many organizations seek foreign counsel in solving legal cases.

You can find some of the best legal jobs online on various job sites. Take control of your career and job search, go online and look for the best suitable jobs for your skills right away.

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( 18 votes, average: 4.2 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.