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GNG Document Preparation Services LLC
Nannette Guillermety owns and runs GNG Document Preparation Services, LLC, which is based in Ocala, FL. She is a legal document preparer who specializes in medical power of attorney, durable power of attorney, Florida living wills, codicils, Florida wills, evictions, small claims, corporations, name changes, step-parent adoptions, modifications of child support and custody, divorce (contested & uncontested), and chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy. Nannette is also a Florida Notary Public.

Prior to establishing her company, Nannette worked for an attorney who specialized in immigration. She is a member of the West Marion Business Association and a member of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers. Nannette has fifteen years' experience as a successful legal document preparer in the Sunshine State.

She was born and raised in New York City. Nannette earned her Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies with high honors from Ashworth University. She is a member of the Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society. Nannette is married and has two children. Her daughter plans on attending medical school.

When she isn't working, Nannette enjoys motorcycles and boating. She is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Nannette also enjoys Latin food.

GNG Document Preparation Services LLCNannette's Successful Business and Tips for Legal Document Preparers

Why did Nannette decide to become a legal document preparer? "I wanted to get out of corporate America and do something for myself. I wanted to do something I enjoyed, which is working with people."

What is the number one reason why people get a divorce? "Couples usual get a divorce because of financial reasons or because a spouse is abused-physical, mental, or verbal abuse. They also get a divorce because of lack of communication."

When asked who was at fault during a divorce, Nannette replied, "It varies. Couples point fingers at each other. There are men who abuse women, but couples sometimes lose interest with each other. They believe it's best to be a part."

The businesswoman discussed the best part about her job. "I enjoy working with people one on one. I also enjoy being able to help them."

She also discussed why she appreciates working for herself. "I enjoy my own hours. It allows me to be there for my kids."

What is the legal document preparer known for professionally? "People love my work and they love working with me."

When asked what she thinks about the legal document preparer field in Florida, Nannette stated, "I wish it wasn't so scrutinized by attorneys. They feel like legal document preparers are taking their business away. We are not. We are helping people because they can't afford an attorney."

Since Nannette has fifteen years of experience as a legal document preparer, many readers may be wondering what advice she has for new legal staff members. "Make sure you understand what a paralegal is and appreciate the position. You should also be aware of the demands of the position before moving forward."

What advice would she give to students thinking about becoming a legal document preparer? "It's enjoyable and exciting if they like working with people. It's tedious and hard work, so they must be prepared for the position."

Where does she see herself in five years? "I will still be running my business."

If Nannette weren't a legal document preparer, what would she be doing? "I would have a secretarial job."

A Rewarding Position and Nannette's Goals

Why does Nannette find her position rewarding? "I like helping people who need help. It satisfies me."

Is there a downside to her position? The candid legal document preparer claimed, "No."

Does the New Yorker have goals? "Professionally, I would like to pass my business to my children. Personally, I would like to retire in ten years."

*** Nannette is not an attorney and can't give legal advice. ***

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