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Long-lasting Networking Techniques

published February 28, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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In the beginning, a young child, Kim Hill, was diagnosed with leukemia. Her father, Fred, a former All-American at Southern Cal and a professional football player with the Philadelphia Eagles, was devastated but found great consolation with immediate help from his neighbors and teammates.

To help defray Kim's medical expenses at St. Christopher's Hospital in Philadelphia, an insurance executive, Stan Lane, and neighbors of Fred's started a non-profit organization which was named Eagles Ry for Leukemia. At the initial fundraiser, a dinner dance in New Jersey, Fred's neighbors, local business people and his teammates all joined to raise money for St. Christopher's.


Leonard Tose, the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Pete Retzlaff, the general manager of the Eagles, wanted to involve the Eagles in Fly for Leukemia in a much deeper way.

They assigned assistant PR director Jim Murray to head the project. Jim would start a network including friends, players, doctors, and just about anybody else that could help. Murray, a deeply religious man, turned to prayer for help with this very special project.

A planning meeting included Kim's doctor of hematology, Dr. Lory Naiman. One of the answers to Jim's prayers came with Dr. Naiman's selfless act of saying they have great needs at St. Christopher's hospital but there is someone with a greater need. He directed Jim to call the Chief of Oncology at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia, Dr. Audrey Evans.


Leonard Tose pledged $1 million for the Eagles to rise to help furnish the new leukemia floor at Children's Hospital. After the initial promotion, a second dinner dance was held which included further participation from the Eagles team.

Team members involved included head coach, Ed Khayat, quarterback Roman Gabriel, and wide receiver, Harold Carmichael. The initial goal of $50,000 was surpassed, and the first check for $125,000 was donated through Eagles Hy for Leukemia to Children's Hospital.


The check was presented at the famous Blue Line Restaurant in the Spectrum arena, home of the Philadelphia Flyers and '76ers. As Dr. Evans accepted the check, she uttered those words that would give birth to the miracle of the Ronald McDonald House. She said, "Wouldn't it be great if there was a place for families to share their feelings when one of their children gets really sick and has to be hospitalized. In other words a place where families whose lives have been shattered by a cancer diagnosis or other serious disease, could find a place to stay that could replicate their home."

Guided, he felt, by prayer, Jim Murray called his friend Don Tuckerman, an account executive at the Elkman Advertising Agency of Philadelphia. Jim asked him what he thought of Dr.

Evans' suggestion and if it could fit into one of Elkman's accounts - perhaps McDonald's. Murray's next question for Tuckerman was: What is your next promotion for McDonald's? It turned out to be St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Shakes. Could the sale of Shamrock Shakes be somehow tied in to raising money for the house?

Tuckerman said that he would contact the local co-op (local owners of McDonald's franchises and the regional office). He called back after talking to people like Frank Quinn and Chris Gabriel, local owner-operators, and regional manager, Ed Rensi.

They loved the idea of helping raise money for a house for families of very ill children. They not only said yes to participating, but also suggested calling the house the Ronald McDonald House.

These businesspersons promised to donate all of the proceeds from the Shamrock Shakes to help get the house going. It was a case of the green shakes producing some green money for a wonderful cause.


Babe, the daughter of local Philadelphia builder John Canuso, had been stricken with leukemia. Dr. Evans was treating her. A miracle happened when Dr. Evans put Jim Murray and John Canuso together. Together they found a house, which John's family completely rehabilitated in three weeks.

The first Ronald McDonald House opened on October 15, 1974. The opening was special because the founder of McDonald's , Ray Kroc, attended. He would eventually play a major part in the house expanding all over the world.

One and a half years later, Jim Murray got a call from Pat Healy of Golin Communications (McDonald's PR. firm). She advised him that there was a chance to make a major presentation to the McDonald's local dealer's co-op in Chicago. This was a big step toward a second house.

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published February 28, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
( 2 votes, average: 4.9 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.