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Transferable Lawyering Skills

published February 14, 2013

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This article is a form of exercise that focuses on two kinds of skills: transferable and legal skills. It will provide you with a sense of the degree to which you feel competent in your skills and the degree to which you enjoy utilizing various skills.

INSTRUCTIONS: For each skill listed, rate yourself on the following scale.
Transferable Lawyering Skills
r /> 4 = Very Confident in your ability 3 = Competent in your ability 2 = Cautious about your ability 1 = Can't Assess
To adjust for the enjoyment level, add the value of 1 if a high level of satisfaction or pleasure is associated with the performance of the listed skill; subtract the value of 1 if you dislike using the skill. If you neither like nor dislike the skill, no adjustment is necessary. Record your totals for the various skill cluster areas.

PART 1: Transferable Skills

Written Communication
  • Correspondence (answering inquires, initiating letters, soliciting business)
  • Editing
  • Creative/Expository Writing
  • Writing (reports, memos, proposals)
  • Technical Writing
  • Translating (foreign language, signing)

Part 1 of this exercise is adapted from material designed by Laura Share Kalin, Director of Career Services and Alice Alexander, Assistant Dean of Cooperative Legal Education at Northeastern University School of Law; Part 2 is adapted from materials designed by Professor Brook K. Baker, Northeastern University School of Law.

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