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Explaining Bar Failures During a Legal Job Interview

published January 03, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Dear Lawcrossing,

I have not passed the bar in three attempts. Every time I miss the mark by about 10 points. However, this 'failure' has put a damper on my getting a job. Some firms won't hire me because I haven't passed the bar, and others won't because even though they don't need me to pass the bar, they're afraid that I'm going to take it again, pass, and leave. I am smart and a hard worker. I have always been an overachiever and never failed at anything, and now I am feeling the crunch of not getting a job. I have postponed my loans (temporarily) and my mother is being very gracious with money. However, the money is likely to run thinner if I don't get a job soon. Any suggestions?
Explaining Bar Failures During a Legal Job Interview

AAA, Florida


It would seem at the outset that a question like yours would push LawCrossing's eternal optimism envelope. But while hard questions may be the quicksands of the law, LawCrossing only attained goddess status by shrinking the most Olympian obstacles down to size. And your difficulty, AM, is one that you can overcome in three steps.

First of all, you have to strip away the emotional issues and look at what not passing the bar actually means to any employer you might talk to. As the Career Services Director points out, "What do employers really care about when it comes to the bar? There are really only two issues. For one thing, if you're not licensed, you can't represent people in court, or sign pleadings, or represent yourself as a licensed attorney. That's it. But the second thing is that employers will question whether you're competent. To overcome that, you've got to point to things that show that you are competent."

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