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Yale Law School

published April 05, 2012

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Yale Law School

Michigan-Ann Arbor Logo
Established 1824
Mailing address P.O. Box 208215, | New Haven | CT 06520
Phone 203-432-4992
Student-faculty ratio 8.5:1
Number of students enrolled 638
Acceptance rate 7.9%
Bar passage rate (first-time test takers) 97.1%
Law school cost (tuition and fees) $52,525 per year


Yale law had its modest beginnings in the shape of an apprenticeship program at the law firm of Seth Staples, in the 19th Century. Since then, Yale Law School has been at the forefront of America's, and the world's premiere law institutions, unconventional, student-oriented, and result-driven.

Yale produces students who go on to lead the nation not only in the field of law, but any social sphere that needs leadership and analytic thought patterns. Recent public figures graduated from Yale include Bill and Hillary Clinton, President Ford, Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, Clarence Thomas and others.


Rankings and reputation

Yale Law School has continuously been ranked at the No 1 spot since the beginning of U.S. News Law School Ranks, and continues to hold the top spot. From the year 2000 onwards Yale has more graduates placed as Supreme Court Clerks than any other law school in the country. Yale's faculty is recognized as the most cited law school in the United States.

Yale Law School also was featured in a list of top law schools analyzed and ranked by LawCrossing CEO Harrison Barnes. This list can be found here: Top Law Schools Analyzed and Ranked by America's Top Legal Recruiter.



The admissions process is admittedly daunting, but that is not unexpected from the nation's best institution. Yale only admits about 200-250 students from close to 4000 applications each year. All applications are first reviewed by the Dean of Admissions and then those that are approved are forwarded for further approval to three randomly chosen faculty members who are kept in the blind about the previous academic scores of the candidate.

Naturally, the admission process is a bit longer than usual, but Yale is also known to admit deserving candidates whose GPA or LSAT scores did not meet the standards of other big law schools. Yale treats each applicant personally and tries to select the most meritorious and scholarly and not necessarily those with the highest marks in examinations. This is why Yale focuses on a 250 word essay from applicants, and puts great value on that.

Faculty member recommendations, especially of two faculty members who know of your academic work can help secure a place in Yale Law School. But, of course, it's no absolute surety.

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