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Retailing Legal Services: The New Retail Lawyer

published March 14, 2012

By Author - LawCrossing

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Melva Rozier is making the headlines by setting up the nation’s, possibly, first retail law firm – and it’s not about retail law, but about retailing legal services from a booth in a shopping mall at the MRP of $25 per consultation. The novel move has attracted both criticism and appreciation, but there’s no doubt that it has garnered huge attention, and most of it positive. In one stroke it also focuses on some burning issues – high lawyer’s fees, quick accessibility, deconstruction of legal services into retail packages, and of course, capitalization of the fleeting ‘urge to purchase’ on the moment.

While temperamental and purchase-urges of the moment have been well known to the retailing and advertising industry, and shelves are packed and banners displayed just to provoke that fleeting urge to purchase something untested, untried, and new, the transaction cannot occur without quick means to realize and satisfy that purchase-urge. While a purchaser in a consumer mall can satisfy the urge to purchase products or services ‘on the spot’ there’s no way purchasers can satisfy an urge to find legal consultation ‘on the spot.’ Rozier’s strategy fills that gap nicely.

Consumers in a mall are reminded of legal consultation required on pending personal issues by the presence of the retail law booth, and the significantly low fixed rate works pique the purchase-urge.

It’s a groundbreaking strategy, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find consumer law firms following the trend to set up consultation booths in retail malls.

It’s the reality – many times consumers are stumped and forced to purchase on good faith just because the 57-page small print document is beyond their ken – putting them at mercy of the seller – just because they are on a high to purchase the product on the spot. Security concerns are integral to any human decision-making and Rozier’s retail law booth caters to that wide and unsatisfied demand in shoppers. Now, if you were on a splurging spree buying something worth more than $10000 – isn’t it prudent to have the consumer agreement ratified by that independent lawyer sitting just across the floor? My, one must recognize that this one is a definite trendsetter.

However, much more than ratification of consumer agreements, Rozario claims that the bulk of clients come from shoppers who are reminded of pending personal issues on sight of the legal services booth. Walk-in clients come with cases of divorce, foreclosure and other legal topics, and sometimes just for a passing second opinion. Rozario’s kiosk, planted squarely and strategically between an American Eagle Outfitters and a Victoria’s Secret shop catches the eye of the right kind of people.

Rozier, now 40, told the Huff Post, “My first job was at a Foot Locker in Jacksonville … Now 25 years later I’m back in the mall.”

At Rozier’s original law office, clients have to schedule appointments and pay an initial consultation fee of $125, at the Law Booth they can walk in and consult the lawyers present at a starting fee of $25.