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Jazmin Newton –Butt, Northern Illinois University College of Law

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Within the law school, Newton-Butt is active as the Vice President of the Latino/a Law Student Association (LLSA), which provides members with access to support groups, study aides, and a mentorship program. The association also organizes ethnic luncheons and other social and educational events. LLSA has additionally worked with the INS to provide an immigration clinic for those in the immediate community.

During the fall semester, Newton-Butt represented Northern Illinois University College of Law at the 15th Annual National LLSA Moot Court Competition in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference topic, “Crossroads: Changing Faces in New Beginnings” focused on the rebuilding efforts put forth by Latinas and Latinos within New Orleans.

The Davenport, Iowa resident currently works for the law school's Office of Admissions and Financial Aid as a special assistant to the director of admissions. In this position, she is responsible for meeting with potential students and organizing both open house and class visit events.

She is also involved in the Women's Law Caucus, the Black Law Student Association, the Public Interest Law Society, and the Student Bar Association. She is a student member of the American Bar Association and strives to devote time to community service as frequently as possible.

Last summer she interned at the Rock Island County State's Attorney's Office in Illinois, where she conducted research, wrote legal memorandums, and assisted walk-in clients.

Aside from her law school activities, Newton-Butt also takes pleasure in drag racing. As a child, she enjoyed spending time in the garage with her dad and playing with Hot Wheels cars. “Gasoline has always run through my veins,” says Newton-Butt who built her own Mustang-a '99 GT convertible as a teenager.

Newton-Butt completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa, where she majored in psychology and sociology. Before entering law school, she worked as a manager at Gold Key Auto Credit for more than four years.

Northern Illinois University


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