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Cozen O’Connor

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The firm boasts 575 attorneys who handle matters in all areas of business law including mergers and acquisitions, private equity, corporate governance and compliance, corporate and securities, tax, real estate, bankruptcy, intellectual property, health law, public finance, employee benefits, trust and estates, and environmental law.

As a recognized leader in litigation, Cozen O'Connor has served major companies, partnerships, and individual clients in a range of litigation practice areas including antitrust, product liability, securities litigation, white collar, labor and employment, and more.

The firm's US offices are located in Atlanta, Charlotte, Cherry Hill, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Harrisburg, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, Santa Fe, Seattle, Wilmington, Wilkes-Barre, West Conshohocken, and Washington, DC. It also has offices in Toronto and London.

Cozen O'Connor has established a cooperation agreement with Preel Hecquet Payet-Godel (PHPG) & Partners in France and with Germany's Thuemmel, Schuetze & Patner to handle matters that come up in the European Union. PHPG & Partners works with French companies and insurers in litigation and arbitration and provides counsel in the areas of insurance law, drafting policies, the development of recall systems, and industrial dispute prevention and resolution. Theummel Schuetze & Partner is a full-service law firm that serves banks, insurance companies, entertainment and media companies, pharmaceutical companies, and businesses in the real estate and construction industries. It operates through offices in Germany and locations in Brussels and Singapore.

As a signatory to the Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge of the Pro Bono Institute at Georgetown University's Law Center, Cozen O'Connor considers pro bono work to be central to its operations. Recently the firm challenged its attorneys and legal assistants to a minimum of 60 annual pro bono hours. The firm's attorneys have provided legal services in a range of areas including child advocacy, counsel to the elderly, and personal bankruptcy proceedings.

Cozen O'Connor

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