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Saint Louis University School of Law

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SLU Law offers a Juris Doctor program, dual degree programs, and LL.M. programs. The school boasts four centers of excellence, consisting of the Center for Health Law Studies, the Center for International and Comparative Law, the Wefel Center for Employment Law, and the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Law.

Students can earn a concentration in business transactional law; civil litigation skills; intellectual property; taxation; and urban development, land use, and environmental law.

Both practical experience and professional skills can be obtained through the law school's clinical offerings, including its Civil Advocacy Clinics, which consist of the General Litigation Clinic, the Community and Economic Development Clinic, the Child Advocacy Clinic, the Elder Law Clinic, the Family Law Clinic, the Immigration Law Clinic, and the Saint Louis Zoo Partnership. Other offerings include the Criminal Defense Clinic, the Externship Clinic, the Judicial Externship Clinic, and the Mediation Clinic.

Professional skill development is also fostered through programs such as the Corporate Counsel Practicum, which is a joint effort between the law school and the Saint Louis Chapter of the American Corporate Counsel Association. The program was initiated in 1996 and has served to enable students to grow through individual experimental education. SLU Law also has Moot Court and Trial Advocacy Program offerings.

The law school publishes the Saint Louis University Law Journal, the Saint Louis University Public Law Review, and the Saint Louis University Journal of Health and Law Policy.

With more than 25 student organizations, the law school offers students plenty of opportunity for socializing and networking. A small sample of student organization offerings include the American Constitution Society, the Environmental Law Society and Animal Law Society, the Non-Traditional Law Students' Association, the Public Interest Law Group, and the Student Legal Writers' Association.

Through the Office of Career Services, students and alumni can develop professional skills through individual consultations, online resources, programs, and more. The office's services are crucial to the process of establishing an effective career plan.

SLU Law's Dean, Annette Clark, joined the school earlier this year. She has served as a visiting scholar at George Washington University Law School and as a faculty member, interim dean, associate dean, and vice dean of the academic program at Seattle University School of Law. Her areas of expertise include bioethics, civil procedure, and health law. Clark holds a JD from Seattle University School of Law. She earned her MD with honors from the University of Washington School of Law.

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Saint Louis University School of Law


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