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Shauna Johnston, The George Washington University Law School

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She selected George Washington University Law School for its renowned international law program, as well as for its global prestige. The prospective 2012 graduate studied abroad with the law school's Oxford program in international human rights law following her first year of studies. During her second year at George Washington University Law School, Johnston and her partner, Anne Sidwell, won the 2011 KK Luthra Memorial Moot Court Competition at the University of Delhi, India.

Shauna Johnston, The George Washington University Law School

Johnston described the moot court competition as an unforgettable experience. “The final round was held before three High Court Justices in a room full of law students, senior advocates, law professors, and legislators. It was incredible to practice an appeal in a different country following tribunal laws.”

According to Johnston, she has also benefited from the law school's location, which has put her in contact with prominent DC practitioners. “Due to the high caliber of GW Law's adjunct professors, I've had the opportunity to take smaller, more specific classes, such as International Negotiations or Islamic Finance Law,” said Johnston.

She also serves as the Editor-in-Chief for the Public Contract Law Journal and is a member of the Moot Court Board, the Human Rights Law Society, the International Law Society, and the Corporate Business Law Society. Over the summer she worked for Alston and Bird, LLP in Washington and intends to return to the firm following her graduation. She is primarily interested in the areas of secured transactions law, Islamic finance law, securities law, international finance law, international project finance law, government contracts law, and bankruptcy law.

In addition to her international experience as a law student and with TYO, Johnston also spent one year in Egypt as an executive assistant for Abercrombie & Kent, a luxury travel company. She completed a semester of intensive Arabic language study at the American University in Cairo and she earned a BA in Spanish and Government from Bowdoin College in Maine in 2005.

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The George Washington University


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