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Liberty University School of Law

published November 14, 2011

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The law school, which was founded in 2004, offers a full-time JD program, as well as several dual degree programs. The school has plans to introduce a LLM program as well as a PhD in law program in the near future. Study abroad programs are also in the planning stages. Intensives are offered only during the summer and winter recesses.

As one of the first law schools to require its students to complete six semesters of lawyering skills courses prior to graduation, Liberty University School of Law has established a new standard for law schools across the nation.

The law school promotes the development of lawyering skills through practical experience in a number of ways. Externship opportunities are available in the areas of prosecution, public defense, public interest and policy, media and entertainment law, finance, government, and other areas. Additionally, the law school offers clinical opportunities through the Liberty Center for Law and Policy, the Liberty Center for International Human Rights, the Constitutional Litigation Center, and the Prosecution Clinic. The campus features three mock courtrooms, all of which are equipped with cameras and monitors for skills development purposes.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Liberty University Academic Support Program, which provides students with access to one-on -one tutorials designed to provide students with effective methods of transferring their classroom knowledge to law school examinations. The program also offers workshops on case briefings, time and stress management, note taking, and other critical areas.

Liberty University School of Law publishes The Liberty University Law Review and The Liberty Legal Journal, which are both student led. The Liberty Legal Journal is available in both print and online.

Through the Center for Career & Professional Development, students and alumni are granted access to a number of career development tools including counseling, document preparation assistance, and networking opportunities.

Additionally, the law school is home to a variety of student organizations which enable students to become familiar with specific areas of law while establishing friendships. These organizations include, but are not limited to, The Student Bar Association, The Christian Law Fellowship, The Criminal Law Fellowship, The Moot Court Board, and The Alternative Dispute Resolution Board.

As a Christian law school, Liberty University School of Law supports a spiritual environment on all levels. In addition to pairing each student with a prayer or mentoring leader, the school also offers convocations every Wednesday, thus presenting students with the chance listen to speeches on a variety of spiritual topics. Chapel service is also offered one time each month in the law school's Supreme Courtroom and an on-site prayer room is available for students who need to time to reflect or pray. Furthermore, online ministries are available to provide students with additional spiritual resources.

Students are expected to adhere to a conservative dress code which excludes hats, caps, denim, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sleeveless shirts, leggings, stretch pants, capris, shorts, flip flops, or athletic shoes. Male students are not permitted to wear earrings and other body piercings are prohibited altogether. The after-hours and weekend dress code is slightly more relaxed.

Liberty University School of Law is led by Dean Matthew D. Staver, who is also a Professor of Law and the Director of the Liberty Center for Law and Policy. Staver earned his BA from Southern Missionary College where he graduated cum laude. He graduated first in his class from Andrews University, where he earned his MA. Staver holds a JD from the University of Kentucky and a LL.D. from Liberty University.

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