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Haynes and Boone LLP

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The Texas-headquartered firm was established by Richard Hayes in 1964. He was joined by his former student, Michael Boone, in 1967 and the two formed a partnership in 1970. The securities firm grew quickly and by 1980 the number of attorneys had grown to 24. The firm continued to expand through mergers and the establishment of new offices in Texas. By 1990, the firm boasted more than 200 lawyers and today it has more than doubled that number.

As Haynes and Boone grew, its practice areas also expanded. Today the firm has more than 30 major legal practice areas including antitrust and competition, environmental, healthcare, litigation/trial practice, appellate, tax, aviation, white collar criminal defense, labor and employment, bankruptcy and business restructuring, employee benefits and executive compensation, government contracts, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, private clients and estate planning, energy, labor and employment, finance, international, franchise and distribution, public law, securities class action defense and shareholder litigation, tax, and securities/capital markets.

In an effort to provide extended services to its clients the firm works with a number of professional organizations and networks such as Lawrence Graham LLP (LG), a London-based firm. Haynes and Boone is also one of the founding firms in the World Services Group, a global network that connects firms with other major firms around the globe. It is also affiliated with the TechLaw Group Inc. and The Sedona Conference Working Group Series, a valuable resource for information on electronic evidence. Haynes and Boone uses ClientConnect®, a web-based software application that was created by the firm's subsidiary, ClientCentric Solutions. ClientConnect gives clients the power to view their project, including all associated documents and cost reports.

Haynes and Boone strives to accommodate client needs and is open to alternative fee structures in certain situations. Alternative fee structures may include blended hourly rates, volume discounts, fixed or flat fees, pre-agreed budget with collar, monthly access and advice retainers, fee holdbacks, success fees, phase-based fees, contingency fees, hybrid fee arrangements by matter phase, fee caps, and “frequent-flyer” credits toward future legal services.

Haynes and Boone, LLP.

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