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The Staff at the Career Development Office at the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law

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The CDO staff has combined fifty years of legal experience and almost 30 years of counseling experience. Staff members have knowledge and real world experience in private practice, government, public interest and corporate areas.

Brent P. Bynum is a CDO Career Advisor, specializing in public interest and international law counseling. To his credit, Brent has six years of counseling experience, including advising international policy graduate students at the Monterey Institute of International Studies on careers with non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and intergovernmental organizations. He served as the Assistant Director for the Merage School of Business at UC Irvine's MBA Career Center, and he worked as a Career Advisor at Sonoma State University. He received his Masters in Career Counseling from Sacramento State University, and his undergraduate degree in Human Development from UC Davis.

Molly L. Stafford, Esq. is a CDO Career Advisor. Prior to Pacific McGeorge, she worked for four years at California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (CRLA), as a staff attorney and manager of the CRLA Rural Fair Housing Center (RFHC). In this role, she practiced civil litigation in many different areas of law, including wage/hour, landlord/tenant, real property, unlawful termination and special education. She also provided statewide fair housing litigation support to CRLA's nearly two dozen offices. She began practicing at the AIDS Legal Referral Panel in San Francisco. There, she represented tenants in matters relating to their housing, and presented training for clients, staff and law firms on fair housing law. As an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco, she taught practical legal skills in the school's Honors Lawyering Program. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the NCLA Lawyer Referral Service, and a 2002 graduate of Northeastern University School of Law.

David C. James, Esq. is a CDO Senior Career Advisor. He served as a deputy city attorney with the city of San Diego for over twenty years. During the majority of that time, he was the hiring attorney; as well, he served on the hiring committee. He is a contributing editor to the American Bar Association's Student Lawyer magazine, and has had over forty articles on career related topics published. He has also spoken frequently at law schools around the country, and been active in the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), where he served on the board of directors. Prior to coming to McGeorge, he worked as the director of career development at Suffolk University Law School in Boston. Dave is a 1984 graduate of Pacific McGeorge.

Lisa E. Wilkins, Esq., is a CDO Senior Manager, Employer Relations & Career Services. She has a broad range of experience, having served as a civil litigator with Pillsbury, an Am Law Top 100 law firm, a legal publisher, and a political action committee to work on the California governor's race. She is a 1990 graduate of Pacific McGeorge.

University of The Pacific


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