The Life and Career of Vi R. Smalley, Conning : In charge of Daily Legal Operations

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In her new position, Smalley will be in charge of all Conning's daily legal operations, such as implementing legal policies and corporate governance procedures. She will direct the company's businesses and provide guidance on transactions, both in the US and internationally. Smalley will further offer legal advice in regards to expansion within Conning, which includes matters involving mergers and acquisitions.

Smalley has worked in the role of interim General Counsel and Chief Investment Counsel at Conning for the past five months. She joined Conning in 2006, as Deputy General Counsel. Prior to that, she served in executive roles at Citigroup Insurance Investments, including as the company's General Counsel and Senior Vice President. From 1998 until 2004, Smalley worked for Bingham McCutchen LLP in both London and Connecticut.

According to a press release, ''Smalley received a JD with honors from the University of Connecticut School of Law'', where she was the winner of the law school's moot court competition. She earned her bachelor's degree cum laude with honors in English, from Smith College and is currently working towards an MBA in Finance at the University of Connecticut School of Business.

''The executive team and I have come to depend on Vi as a valued advisor and I am delighted that she will now play an important role in helping to shape our future as we continue charting our strategic growth initiatives at home and abroad,'' said Woody E. Bradford, President and Chief Operation Officer of Conning.

Conning provides asset management solutions, advisory services, and insurance research services to assist clients in achieving financial goals through tailored business and investment strategies. The company, which was founded in 1912, is based in Hartford, Connecticut and has offices in New York, London, Dublin, and Cologne.

Bingham McCutchen LLP.


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