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Hudson Legal

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As a legal recruiter, Hudson Legal provides quality candidate screening services that include face-to-face interviews, up to three reference checks, bar-status verification, criminal background checks, credit checks, and degree confirmation. Hudson Legal works with legal employers ranging from boutique firms to international law firms to corporate legal departments, to provide alternative legal staffing options. The recruiting firm offers temporary legal staffing solutions, end-to-end document review, and connected services.

Hudson Legal specializes in providing legal staffing for merger and acquisitions, traditional litigation areas, as well as the following areas: antitrust, banking, bankruptcy, contracts, entertainment, environmental, ERISA, franchise, general corporate healthcare, insurance, international, intellectual property, investment and financial, labor and employment, product liability, real estate, securities, tax, trusts and estates, and zoning.

Through its national connections, Hudson Legal is capable of staffing projects that require specialized legal knowledge with attorneys, paralegals, legal project management teams, litigation support, case managers, and legal support professionals.

Typically, Hudson Legal looks for candidates with past experience in a private attorney's office, law firm, or a corporate legal department. Other desired qualities include knowledge of the latest legal software, an understanding of document review, and experience in electronic discovery.

Hudson's discovery consulting provides both advisory and technical evaluations designed to streamline the review process.

Hudson's managed legal document review services offer document review contract attorneys and paralegals, on-site document review professionals, document review progress and timeline reports, review locations, and technology solutions.

The firm's project management team assists clients through litigation and discovery cycle knowledge.

Hudson's legal language solutions include the following: foreign language review, legal document translation, and international legal staffing services. The legal language department offers foreign language services for litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and contract review and drafting, in addition to other related services.

Hudson Legal review sites are located in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St Louis, and Washington, DC. The firm finds, books, and furnishes document review space for clients and can also provide extras, such as office supplies, kitchen options, and more.

Hudson Legal has been involved in the recruiting industry for more than 25 years and offers a team of sales, recruiting, and management professionals who are familiar with the legal system. Many of the firm's members are bar-certified and have experience working in law firms or as members of in-house corporate counsel.

Hudson Legal Group, PLLC


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LawCrossing has the most listings of any job board I have used. It's actually a great site. The website had a lot of detail. It’s nice that you don't have to go through a recruiter if you don't want to. You can actually contact the law firm directly for the positions listed. LawCrossing had a ton of great features.
  • Brian McMillan San Francisco, CA