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Karen Klouda, Director of Career Services University of Iowa College of Law

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With her BA from University of Northern Iowa, her BS from Mount Mercy College and eventually, her JD from The University of Iowa College of Law, Karen Klouda has managed to remain focused and certain of her career path. Perhaps it's that certainty that lends itself to the impressive track record as a career dean or it could be that instinctive nature she's come to rely on with the students who come through her door; regardless, she has consistently guided graduating seniors onto the right career choices that have served as the foundation for many new lawyers across the nation.

Her role as Director of Career Services includes advising students while working with anyone who needs her assistance in preparing resumes, cover letters and other documentation in their job searches. She works closely with law firms throughout the Midwest and around the nation as she and her team seek to match various openings with the law students who are looking to begin their careers immediately after graduation. Her career counseling skills serve as an inspiration for her staff as she seems to run on sheer instinct at times.

Before arriving at The University of Iowa, Klouda worked with the Department of Correctional Services in her home state of Iowa as well as several leadership and key positions with the National Association of Law Placement. Currently, she oversees a small staff of career professionals, with whom she's built a solid rapport based on professional courtesy and respect.

Klouda's preparatory efforts have paid off. Employers around the nation consistently report that Iowa's College of Law graduates are well prepared for life after college and show up for their interviews completely aware of how important first impressions are. Many credit Klouda's dedication as one reason why.

Not only does Klouda work with law students, but has a hand in the university's entire career services program. Her role at the University of Iowa keeps her busy, yet she still finds time to give back to her community. She takes pride in helping area battered women's shelters and works to carefully cultivate the confidence of women who've had little to look forward to. In many ways, it's those efforts to ensure that self confidence that seem to run parallel with those preparing to close their educational chapters and move forward in their career opportunities.

For more information on The University of Iowa College of Law, visit its website at Karen Klouda's entire profile can be found at

The University of Iowa


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