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Temple University Beasley School of Law

published March 02, 2011

Donna McGill
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For more than a century, Temple University Beasley School of Law has quietly accepted college students and then graduated them as brilliant and hungry lawyers. It incorporates both Socratic and Problem methods for a better rounded and complete educational experience. Each year, TU accepts around 250 incoming freshmen and around 60 for its evening course offerings. There's also a diverse student body; women comprise approximately 44% of each class and the majority of states are represented.

As with all colleges, it's the faculty who truly define the value of the education. Some of the nation's brightest legal minds earned their degrees here. Some return to teach, such as Hosea Harvey, who spent five years in New York City. His experience gained, including time spent as Associate General Counsel at Planned Parenthood, as well as his experience in mergers and acquisitions, affords those who are fortunate enough to witness and then apply his instruction a rare opportunity.

Beasley also offers several graduate programs, including Taxation, Trial Advocacy and Foreign Lawyers. Other programs include the Freedman Fellow Program, Rule of Law Program in China, Semesters Abroad in Tokyo, Japan or Rome, Italy and several others. Further, the school attracts guest speakers from around the nation.

Tuition is comparable to other law schools in the northeast. Full time day division for Pennsylvania residents is currently $17,566; for those non-residents, expect to pay slightly more than $30,500. For the part time evening division, Pennsylvania residents pay $14,052 while their out of state counterparts pay $24,468. Credit hours are $680 for Pennsylvania residents and just slightly more than $1,200 for out of state students.

This award winning law school is at the top of its game. It was recently announced Profession Alice Abreu has designed a new practicum that focuses exclusively on low income taxpayer policy. It's slated to begin this spring. Professor Abreu says, ''Working with low income taxpayers puts a face on tax policy in a way few other things offers a contextual understanding of how policy decisions affect people on the ground''. It's already received high praises and is expected to become a savvy move by college officials.

The past serving as a foundation, those who call Beasley School of Law Home anticipate an incredibly bright future. For more information on Temple University Beasley School of Law, visit the website at Here you'll find more information on the school, its policies and its program offerings.

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