Elie Mystal - Aggressive, Unapologetic...and Right

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And it's likely he is; he admits he's a loud talker and like every true editor, he possesses a vocabulary and penchant for stringing words together that makes other writers envious. He can bring you to your knees with the power of the written word - who doesn't want that kind of power? This week, we take a look at Elie Mystal and his unapologetic - though usually correct - mindset.

Want to know what Elie Mystal's greatest achievement is? If you're thinking it has anything to do with a best selling novel or landing his dream job, you'd be partly wrong. Turns out, he did land his dream job - as the husband to a woman he's yet to figure out ''whatever the hell I did'' that made her fall in love with him. He must be one of those rare folks that leave many wondering, ''how does his wife put up with his biting approach to life in general'' and whose wife likely thinks to herself, ''if they only knew how he really is at home''. He proudly and happily admits she wears the pants in the family, something most men won't admit to. Ah...and then there's his career. The one where he speaks his mind, makes no apologies in the process and with such confidence that any reader has no choice but to take a step back and reconsider the different perspective.

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