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California's Shortage of Civil Rights Lawyers

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The FBI report goes on to say that in 2006, nearly 63% of crimes motivated by ethnicity or national origin were committed on Hispanic Americans. The Labor Council of Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) released its own statement at that time that read, in part, '' effort is being made by pundits or legislators to link the cause and effects of public policies''.

These problems have only worsened since this report was released and reveals not only the difficulties, but inequalities Hispanic Americans face. Many insist the ''root'' of the problem comes from criminalizing immigrants, including some civil rights attorneys in California. The problem is, however, there aren't enough civil rights lawyers, at least in California - and the problem for Hispanic Americans, Mexican-Americans and Latinos is only getting worse as these hate crimes continue to mount.

Arizona's new tough anti-immigration laws have certainly added fuel to the fire. According to R. Sebastian Gibson, an Orange County, California Civil Rights attorney, there have been more than five thousand migrant deaths along the American/Mexican border in the past decade alone. This too is not only disturbing, but a trend many say will continue to grow as the problems continue to mount for those in this country.

Gibson, along with many other California lawyers, say the need for those in their state who can specialize in civil rights is at an all time high. Part of the problem, say some in the legal profession, is that civil law is not as lucrative as other specialties.

This week, New Mexico's newly elected Governor Susana Martinez announced she intends to revoke drivers licenses issued to illegal immigrants in her state. ''We cannot just have a path to citizenship created when there are people in line already doing the proper things''. Currently, New Mexico does not require proof of citizenship to obtain drivers licenses. This latest development is sure to spark new controversy and concerns.

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