Historical Notre Dame Law School

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Professor Stephen F. Smith, Professor Jimmy Gurule, and Professor Mary Ellen O'Connell – all names that keep Notre Dame Law School at the top of its game. These eclectic and remarkable professors, one a respected author, another who's currently testifying before Congress and yet another who takes pride in knowing the significant contributions he has made to the school and its students, are just part of the reason so many apply each semester in hopes of gaining one of the coveted spots. Founded in 1869, Notre Dame Law School prides itself on ''embracing the life of the mind and the wisdom of the heart''. Its professors can be found completing novels when they're not lecturing the nuances of the legal profession and the student body is as committed as any professor could hope for.

In 2009, NDLS unveiled its new building, the Eck Hall of Law. It houses an expanded law library, administrative offices, a chapel, and commons area. It's a spectacular design, with blues and grays evident and strategically placed to define a magical and almost soulful experience. In late 2010, the Biolchini Hall of Law was formally dedicated and is named after Bob and Fran Biolchini, whose financial contributions ensured the renovation come full circle. It remains one of the most awe-inspiring buildings found on campus.

In 2008, NDLS also unveiled its new Virtual Open House. This technologically advanced experience is designed to answer questions for incoming and potential students while also taking the viewer on an unprecedented tour of the collective campus.

Notre Dame Law School distinguishes itself in many ways, including the fact it has the only year long study abroad program. Approved by The American Bar Association, it occurs each year in London and competition is fierce for acceptance.

The curriculum is challenging, rigorous and not for the light-hearted. Further, the school encourages the student body to maintain its religious, moral and ethical foundation in an effort to remain focused on pursuing the study of law. Considered an ''active faith community'', the campus foundation is easily understood by all who attend. Speaking of those who attend, less than 19% of applicants are accepted in any given year. With only 179 new seats, the law school must carefully weigh each of the 3,300 applications it routinely receives. No small feat, to be sure.

Alumni include the famed author of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), G. Robert Blakely and Andrew Napolitano, who is currently a Fox News senior judicial analyst and former judge.

Notre Dame Law School


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