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Joe Jackson Files Wrongful Death Suit

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If this sounds a bit like deja vu, it is. Late last month, Jackson's federal suit was dismissed; and before that, he'd filed it with the state of California. This latest re-filing took place in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Jackson's physician, Conrad Murray, was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the summer of 2009, just weeks following Jackson's death. The courts agreed with the medical examiner once the autopsy was completed and ruled that an overdose of Propofol, a dangerous anesthetic used only in surgery, is what killed Jackson.

The civil lawsuit claims that Murray was negligent in administering the strong anesthetic. It also claims there was a lack of proper procedures in place when new employees were hired, trained and supervised in at least one of the medical clinics Michael Jackson frequented. Further, the suit also names Applied Pharmacy Services and says it sold the drug to Murray on Jackson's behalf. The senior Jackson has said before that Murray attempted to hide important evidence because it factored into his son's death. It does appear Murray kept no medical records, which is illegal in California. His lawyers say there is more than enough negligence to go around. The amount of the suit has not been released and it's quite likely it never will be.

While it's certainly sad, the fact is, Joe Jackson may not have the proverbial leg to stand on. He is not named in Michael Jackson's most recent will. His attorney agrees he may not have a case; however, both Jackson's mother and his children are named as plaintiffs as well. This could clear the way for the suit to move forward, provided he has the authority to sue on behalf of those children.

As mentioned, the case was re-filed only this week. It's unlikely this will find its way to a courtroom in the near future. For now, the Jackson Family's attorneys continue to gather information that will prove beneficial for their case.

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