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Arizona State - Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

published November 30, 2010

Donna McGill
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The Arizona State University College of Law is easily one of the best in the country. Each year, close to 2,500 students apply in hopes of grabbing one of the 200 availabilities. To be sure, the job for the Admissions Board is not an easy one. Still, the diligent efforts and sense of fairness is first in the minds of those who make those difficult decisions. The Board is doing something right. Arizona State's College of Law has produced quite an impressive alumni, including Michael D. Hawkins, United states Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Ruth McGregor, former Chief Justice, Arizona Supreme Court, among many others.

The college offers its student body many educational options when it comes to joint degrees. The Juris Doctor/Doctor of Medicine degree is one of those options. The M.D. is awarded via the prestigious Mayo Medical School. Two more highly sought programs are the Juris Doctor/Masters of Business Administration and the Juris Doctor/Doctor of Philosophy in Law and Psychology. The clinic programs include the Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic and Immigration Law & Policy Clinic.

The school's Career Services Department is an all-inclusive experience that allows students to understand their legal opportunities, gain the tools that allow them to show their ''emotional intelligence'' during recruitment fairs and it provides advice for seniors who are preparing to graduate amidst the tough economic times. With a complete career-related online library, students feel as though they have the power to really take charge of their lives. In a contemporary society, that can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming. The staff understand these hesitations and remain committed to doing their part so that graduates have all the resources available to kick start their legal careers. By incorporating mentors, partners and even the occasional slide show presentation, the school clearly places its top priority on its student body.

In late 2010, College of Law Dean Paul Schiff Berman announced the school would soon adopt a private funding model and would also be relocating to the downtown Phoenix area. The goal is to ensure financial self-reliance. While this could be a difficult endeavor, more law schools are declining state support and opting to navigate these troubled waters without that aid. Dean Berman has big plans; his goal is to have the school in its entirety off of public funding within sixty months. If successful, it will be one of only a few law schools that have conquered that feat. He didn't mince his words, either, ''This is my's in response to the clear writing on the wall, which is that this state – and most other states – are less committed to funding public education than they once were''. He says if this is successful, it will allow for more confidence in planning long term budgets and growth opportunities.

For now, the school continues to move forward just as it always has, with the student and his experience and ultimate success at the forefront.

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