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University of Virginia School of Law

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In late October, the news came. The University of Virginia had two graduate schools that made the Princeton Review - and its law school was one of them. The University of Virginia School of Law took the top rank in the country for its quality of life for students and number 2 for ''Best Classroom Experience''. Ah, life is good and the collective faculty, staff and student body takes great pride in this recognition. The law school's Dean Paul Mahoney said, ''...a strong sense of community and a faculty dedicated to the craft of teaching...'' plays a powerful role in the overall experience. His students couldn't agree more. After all, they ranked number 7 on the Princeton Review for ''Best Career Prospects''.

That's not too surprising, considering the media LSAT scores for the 2009-2010 class averaged 170 with an average GPA of 3.85. Further, the school is adamant in its decision to reserve a full 40% of its openings for Virginia residents. These are generally composed of graduates from UVA and The College of William & Mary - the other two colleges Virginia is proud of.

Some of the nations most respected citizens graduated from U of V School of Law, including Robert F. Kennedy in 1951; George Allen, former U.S. Senator and former Virginia Governor; Thurgood Marshall, Jr., former Cabinet Secretary under President Bill Clinton; and Bill Nelson, Astronaut and current U.S. Senator.

The spectacular campus, manicured perfectly year round, is indicative of the student body who takes pride in all it does. Distinguished legal minds play a role in the experience and many find themselves in the same classrooms of family members from generations past. They are taught to become ethical community leaders, brilliant scholars and inspirational global leaders. They seek to affect human behavior while also working to leave their world a better place.

The school as a whole has more than 20,000 students at any given time and a faculty that easily surpasses 2,100. With a recent $46 million expansion and renovation that was funded entirely from private funds; the school is now as technologically advanced as it is secure it maintaining its deep roots of southern tradition. Gardens, elegant greens and crisp air that invites each and every student to broaden his horizons with a clear mind and focus that's unbreakable, it's little wonder it remains a coveted program that many hope to gain acceptance into.

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there is no better place in the world for such an outstanding law school to call home, just as Thomas Jefferson intended all those years ago.

The University of Virginia School of Law was also featured in a list of top law schools analyzed and ranked by LawCrossing CEO Harrison Barnes. This list can be found here: Top Law Schools Analyzed and Ranked by America's Top Legal Recruiter.

See Top Law Schools Analyzed and Ranked By America's Top Legal Recruiter Harrison Barnes for more information.

University of Virginia School of Law


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