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Business Owner Grandma and Paralegal Cathy Ribble

published August 31, 2010

Donna McGill
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<<Aware of just how much the traditional work day is changing, this Texas native and her company, Digital Paralegal Services has been providing comprehensive professional services to firms around the country. With an emphasis on confidentiality, professionalism and ethics, Ribble has redefined the way law firms hire paralegals. She has been a Certified Legal Assistant - gaining this certification from the Association of Legal Assistants - for years and then followed up with her Certified Paralegal (CP) title, a process that was established in 1975 for legal professionals everywhere. Certification included a two day competency exam where her skills in everything from legal research to ethics to analytical ability were put to the test. She more than proved herself and her abilities and quickly realized her expertise was in big demand.

For more than fifteen years, Ribble has worked as a legal professional, beginning in a law firm in Texas as a bookkeeper and receptionist. She quickly became the firm's organized librarian as she juggled payroll, personnel and purchasing. It was in this firm she found her mentors that led to her desire to become a paralegal. She explains the firm's attorney and his own paralegal took the time to explain to her why things were done and it's there the desire for excellence was instilled. She's never looked back. Always aware that the legal climate is ever-changing, she took it to the next level and in one fell swoop, redefined the role of a virtual assistant in a law firm. From there, she devised an affordable way to bring traditional legal firms together with these newfound methods.

In her personal life, she is a wife, a mother of three and a grandmother to twin grandsons. This is clearly the role she takes to heart. Along with all of her other responsibilities, she believes in ''paying it forward'', taking the time to point up and coming paralegals to the methods that have served her well over the years as well as maintaining a blog where she shares the latest news and trends in her chosen field. Her experience has provided a certain insight that few experience; for instance, she can easily recognize when a firm is attempting to cut corners with its choices in software. She knows which programs are best suited for a firm and which will not meet the firm's needs. By bridging these gaps, she's no doubt saved countless legal firms money, time and aggravation by pointing out those shortcomings.

Her honest and direct methods have built a trust with legal professionals not only in Texas and Oklahoma, but around the country too. She shares her past experiences and can relate to those who are experiencing frustrations with everything from a difficult boss to an economy that's not recovering as fast as anyone had hoped. She serves as a mentor, a friend and a boss. She is professional, dedicated to her field and loyal to her clients, her friends and her family members.

We are proud to have Cathy Ribble as this week's Legal Staff Member. For more information on her, visit her site at From there, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and sign up for her newsletters. You can also read her blog and contact her as well.

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