Lawyer Attorney Jobs: How to Prepare Yourself for Them

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Academic requirements

There are several years of education required before you can be able to legally apply for and be accepted for lawyer attorney jobs. You must first complete an undergraduate degree, something that will take you four years. While the degree does not necessarily have to be one in pre-law, it is best if you go for a degree program that helps hone your communication, logical reasoning and problem solving capabilities as these are some of the core skills required for one to succeed in law school and later on in attorney lawyer jobs.

Before graduating from the undergraduate degree program and usually sometime during the final year of college, a student planning on going to law school needs to sit and pass the LSATs (Law School Admission Test). The results of this test must be submitted with the rest of the required information through the Law School Admission Counsel (LSAC) website. LSAC is the sole institution through which you can apply to any law school in the US. Once admitted into a law school the duration of study can be anywhere between 3-5 years. Upon completion of a law degree you will then be required to sit and pass the bar exam in your state before you can be allowed to practice.

Choosing your path in lawyer attorney jobs

Once you are done with the academic requirements for one to become a lawyer, the next step is to determine the type of attorney lawyer jobs you are most interested in. The type of lawyer attorney jobs that most of us are familiar with (thanks to Hollywood) is the litigation lawyer. Litigation lawyers spend most of their time in the court representing their clients' interests. Due to the need to make a winning argument on behalf of their client, a great deal of continuous research is required.

But there are other jobs that hardly step into a court room throughout their careers. A real estate attorney is one such lawyer since their focus is to facilitate and prepare legally binding documents between clients in real estate transactions. One approach you can use to decide the most appropriate lawyer job for you is to carefully assess and decide which aspect of law interests you the most. Civil Law? Criminal? Family law? Corporate Law? Property Law? One you are sure which draws you the most then you can set out to look for attorney lawyer jobs in that law niche.

Finding Attorney Lawyer Jobs

There are several methods through which one can find a job as an attorney. The best and probably lowest cost approach is networking. During law school you may have gotten an internship or worked as an assistant at a law firm. The connections you made during this time can prove crucial to your getting hired as a full time employee at that firm upon passing the bar exam. Many law professors often actively practice law so forming good relationships with your professors during law school is another key way of finding attorney lawyer jobs. Even if they do not have an opening they may be able to refer you to one of their partners, friends or even current and former students who may help you secure a job.


Depending on the type of law you would like to practice, your expected income will vary. In a nutshell, the salary you can earn depends not only on your level of experience but also the size of the city you want to work in. On average, a lawyer in their first year of practice may expect to earn at least $50,000. After a number of years of experience this can go up to $100,000 or more.

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