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Tips To Avoid Blunders and Silly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

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Tips To Avoid Blunders And Silly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

Following the tips in this article can help you to avoid blunders and silly mistakes.
  1. Never jump to conclusions: In trying to appear as a fast-decision maker and impress others, or being influenced by bias or prejudices, people often jump to conclusions about things without carefully analyzing and applying their minds. Jumping to conclusions about things is one of the most common reasons of career crumbling mistakes. Take care.
  2. Correctly identify the problem: Define each problem in multiple ways and with an open mind. Too often, we fail to identify the nature of the problem to be addressed and consequently fail to find the proper solution being influenced by preconceptions. This seems to much like point number one above, but the essential difference is in the speed employed in taking your decision.

  3. Avoid shortsighted shortcuts: too often, we depend upon established “rules of thumb” to provide workable solutions. However, blind dependence on rules-of-thumb can make us miss the obvious. Trusting only readily available facts since they fit the requirements of an established rule-of-thumb can often lead to wrong decisions.
  4. Do not put too much trust on instincts: It is common to see people claim to take decisions on instincts or intuition, when they actually want to avoid the labor of systematic procedure. They either believe or project that everything they need is inside their heads and somehow, the pieces will fall into place. It rarely happens that way. Though at times great decisions can come by intuition or instinct, more often decisions that appeal to your instincts are grossly off the mark. This is one of the most common reasons of making bad judgments.
  5. Avoid being over-dependent on colleagues: While the opinions and experience of colleagues are mostly helpful, there is nothing in the book that says that under every circumstance, the mere act of involving a greater number of smart people, will automatically lead to better solutions.
  6. Overconfidence: The big boss of all causes that goad you into making mistakes. Never rely on preconceptions, never be too sure of your assumptions, and never disregard contradictory information. Overconfidence makes you do all these mistakes, and the consequences can be catastrophic.
  7. Don't fail to keep records of your decisions and follow up: People often lose track of what happened after they did something because they feel that there is no necessity to keep track of the chain of events that follow their actions. This is a common attitude where one assumes that experience gained by taking decisions will automatically come to aid for the next decision. This is a serious weakness and it is essential to keep systematic records of the immediate track of events that follow your actions.
  8. Curb your ego, You too can make mistakes: One needs to be aware that the fallible nature of human beings extends also to one's own self. People often disregard the need to analyze their own decision-making processes in an organized manner. This only leads to increase in the number of mistakes.
So, to sum up, it is extremely necessary to approach everything with an open mind uncluttered by preconceptions if you want to avoid most mistakes in making decisions. The fewer mistakes you make, the better you are appreciated in any work-space, and your career gains both prospects and security. Keeping your mind open and following the tips in this article can help you a great deal to keep on track with a shining career.

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