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Seattle University School of Law

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The Seattle University School of Law situated in Washington is a graduate school. It is affiliated with the Seattle University which is one of the largest universities of the northwest. This school of law is certified by the American Bar Association and is an associate of the American Association of Law Schools. The students can attain their jurist doctoral degree, LLM or the master's degree from this law college. The Seattle University School of Law boasts of a powerful faculty who practice in 50 states in the United States, and in 18 overseas countries.

Area Covered

The Seattle University School of Law covers an area of about 42 acre or 170,000 m2. It is situated in the Seattle, First Hill area.

  • Sullivan Hall is considered to be the home of Seattle University School of Law. The law school is a five storied building house.
  • The library is located on the eastern boundary of the campus
  • There is a street-front law clinic
  • The law school features media equipped classrooms
  • Full courtroom, this is used for mock trials, class, actual court procedures administrated by local judges
  • Law library and Activity areas

  • National Jurist ''Top Public Interest Law Schools'' November 2008 - 16 on the whole amongst law schools for community interest law
  • U.S. News & World Report - 77 in general amongst law schools in the United States 1 amongst legal writing programs 12 overall amongst part time law school programs in the U.S 21 for diversity amongst law schools

Admission to the Seattle University School of Law

Admissions in this law school depends on three important factors:
  • Performance in the LSAT
  • Record of performance in the undergraduate level
  • Records of personal achievements
The admissions to this law school are made on the basis of part time or full time programs. The median LSAT score of the students, who are admitted, is 160 and the GPA score for the undergraduate median is 3.38. Those who are admitted for full time courses begin their sessions from June for reducing the course load of the first semester. The part time courses begin from June. In the year 2006, the number of female students who passed matriculations were 51%, 29% of them were racial minorities. The average age of them was about 27.

Programs and Courses

Alternate Admissions programs are held by the school of law. A limited number of applicants are admitted through this school. The minority sections of the population such as those who are underrepresented, physically challenged or disadvantaged comprises 10% of the class in this law school. The students may, apply to this law school through Alternate Admissions Program. In the year 1999, this law school focused on upper-division curriculum. This program is designed for improving the experience of an integrated educational program in a specialized field of law. The focus area currently includes the following:
  • Taxation Law
  • Business Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Civil Advocacy
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Commercial Law
  • International Law
  • Criminal Practice
  • Intellectual Property
  • Environmental, Natural Resource and Land Use
  • Inequality and Poverty
  • Estate Planning
  • Health Law
  • Family and Juvenile Law Focus Area

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Seattle University School of Law


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