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John N. Zarian Recognized as Super Lawyer in Intellectual Property

published August 19, 2009

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<<Every year, Super Lawyers are recognized by their peers for being the best in their chosen law practice. Attorney John N. Zarian was chosen as a Super Lawyer in the practice area of Intellectual Property Litigation for the second consecutive year. John N. Zarian was also named in the 2006 list of Southern California Super Lawyers for his practice in Business Litigation.

John N. Zarian received nominations for the Super Lawyer awards from other practicing legal cohorts. A Super Lawyer is chosen through much scrutiny. The publication of Law & Politics has polling, research and selection procedures where lawyers from approximately 70 law practices are requested to choose the best attorneys they have witnessed that year. Evaluation of the Super Lawyers includes their verdicts, their honors, and awards, in addition to scholarly writing and lectures for the legal community.

He graduated from law school at the University Of Southern California Gould School Of Law. Today Attorney Zarian's practice is concentrated in Intellectual Property and Property Litigation as well as complex business litigation. He has been legal counsel in legal disputes involving trade secrets, commercial law, and wrongful death claims. He also has tried cases for copyrights, unfair competition, class actions, contractual disputes, business torts, securities, real estate, commercial law, and wrongful death.

Today in his Law Firm, John N. Zarian, Midgley, and Johnson, PLLC, has a growing regional and national reputation. The firm draws attorneys with national experience and highly diverse technical degrees who want to develop their own presence in Intellectual Property Law. Just in the past year Peter Midgley and Rex Johnson of Zarian, Midgley, and Johnson, PLLC were named Rising Stars in the area of Intellectual Property. Dana Herberholz, another attorney in the firm, is also recognized as a Rising Star in Intellectual Property Litigation.

The Firm of John N. Zarian in Boise, Idaho has nine lawyers (including five registered patent attorneys), a registered patent agent, and two paralegals. Attorney John Zarian, Super Lawyer, believes the sure fire growth of his firm is due to its expertise as a national practice having a small firm efficiency. In light of the economic down turn Zarian believes the client is looking for the best representation at small firm pricing.

The Patent Lawyers and Intellectual Property Lawyers at the firm have technical degrees in several fields including:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Physics
  • Genetics
  • Molecular and cellular biology
  • Microbiology
  • Chemical engineering
  • Aeronautical engineering

The bottom line is Zarian's firm has the depth in many technical areas that gives client value. The background offered by Zarian Midgley's attorneys would be hard to find in large city firms. In addition, almost half of their attorneys were honored as Mountain States Super Lawyers for their work in intellectual property and patent law.

The Intellectual Property Super Lawyer Honor was given to the right attorney. He shows exuberance as an attorney and has established his own firm. The firm is an accomplishment all by itself as it offers the talent of other Super Lawyers and Rising Star Attorneys who will one day meet up with their colleagues, like John N. Zarian, in becoming Super Lawyers.

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