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Villanova University of Law

published July 14, 2009

By Harrison Barnes, CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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The Villanova University of Law is 15 miles west of Philadelphia, which has a commuter train that runs between the law school and the city. There is housing available in the city with just a short ride on the train. Many advantages for law students are found in Philadelphia where the Student Bar supports about forty different student organizations. A rich development of volunteer and pro bono opportunities is available for law students throughout the year.

Back on campus there are activities for law students to gain more court experience through Moot Law Court and Clinics held on campus. Through volunteer opportunities the law students can experience representing clients and providing legal scenarios under the watchful eye of experienced attorneys. Here is short list of some volunteer opportunities for law students:

  • Practicing Being a Lawyer Together,
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance,
  • Homeless Advocacy Project
  • Adopt-A-Shelter Program.

Many law students can compete in national events like the Client Counseling Competition and Trial Advocacy Competitions. Law school classes offer a service learning component for law students to work in the community as part of their class credits. Law students also assist in neighborhoods and schools teaching a program called ''Street Law.''

Villanova University of Law strives for a tenacious plan of general legal education taught by prominent and accessible faculty. The curriculum is current and advanced to prepare law students who will practice litigation, in a small or large firm in the U.S. or in an international law office.

The Villanova University of Law extends the following degrees to law students:
  • J.D.,
  • J.D./M.B.A. with Villanova University School of Business,
  • J.D./Ph.D. in Law and Psychology,
  • J.D./LL.M. in Taxation,
  • J.D./LL.M. in International Studies,
  • LL.M. in Taxation

The School of Law offers summer studies in International Law abroad. The Rome Summer Program allows law students to get credits for law school by studying with Villanova faculty at the St. Thomas School of Law. Another program students can apply to take is Villanova's new J.D. /LL.M. International Studies program for a second law degree in International Law during their third year in Law School.

The law student enrollment is about 256 students every year out of 3010 applicants. The Median LSAT required for admission is 161-163 and the GPA accepted for candidates is 3.19 to 3.64. All candidates can apply on line and before applying if any candidate would like to take a tour of the campus and sit in on some classes can call 24 to 48 hours ahead the school will prepare for your visit.

The entire Law School brings an Augustinian identity with the postulate that lawyers are given the power to do good things for the world. It is still the goal of Villanova University of Law today as well as a desire to invite anyone of any race, creed or religion to apply the Law School with the knowledge that Villanova University of Law readily accepts qualified students who want to study law and have the criteria for admission.

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