Here Comes the Bride (And There Goes Your Money)

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The summer months are here and you know what that means: weddings galore. There are so many decisions to make and plenty of options to choose from. The details have become so important that there's even an entire industry dedicated to planning weddings. You can go the quick route and get married in a Las Vegas chapel. (And it makes sense, since any marriage is a gamble). Or, you can do the traditional thing and have a large, white wedding. But it really doesn't matter how you get married. It's all about the love, right? Wrong. For LawCrossing Weekend, it's all about the price.

Celebrities have extravagant weddings all the time. Why can't LawCrossing members? Thanks to the Ritz-Carlton in Osaka, Japan, now you can too. For a mere $1 million, you, your better half, and your guests will receive the royal treatment. This all-inclusive package will turn even the most photogenic celebrity into a green-eyed monster.

On any wedding day, the bride is the center of the universe. The Ritz-Carlton is aware of this and gives her special attention. The bride can choose any wedding gown she likes and will have wedding stylists at her beck and call. These stylists are former models who'll help the blushing bride with her poise, her smile, her grace, and her famous walk down the aisle. The icing on the cake is a jyunihitoe, a traditional wedding robe used by Japanese royalty. And the cherry on top, a Bulgari wedding ring. I'd say that's all-inclusive.

After the wedding, held in the luxurious in-house chapel at the Ritz-Carlton, the hotel and its staff prepare a reception for 300 guests, including dinner and a 10-layer wedding cake. Following the sumptuous meal and enticing dessert, you can sit back and enjoy a performance by traditional maiko dancers. The hotel really wants to create a one-of-a-kind wedding and leave you with a taste of Japan.

After a night of partying and drinking, your guests will be tired. Forget about sending them home like you would after most receptions. With this wedding package, you'll be able to offer your guests their very own room in the hotel. The package provides 2-night accommodations in rooms that feature Italian marble and maid service. That way, they can just stumble their way to the elevator from the ball room. No designated driver needed.

And that's not all. The hotel has saved the best for last. For the happy couple, the best suite in the hotel will be reserved. And after all the festivities are over and the guests have all flown home, the newlyweds will be off to the first of two honeymoons. Destination: Milan. After a week of fun and romance in the Italian city, you'll be off to Bali, for another week of pleasure and passion.

But you'd better plan ahead (months, maybe even years ahead). The hotel and its staff need six months to prepare. And because of the demands this wedding package puts on the hotel, this event is held only once a year and is sure to be the talk of the town.

Maybe one day, while standing in line at the market, you'll see your picture in all the tabloids.

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