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The question ‘who is an attorney?’ is common within various corporate and social backgrounds. Understanding the context would serve a great purpose in society. Many young law students and those seeking legal expertise have been looking out for the correct explanation about who is an attorney, how can you be an attorney and what the role of an attorney is. The context, though, has been well discussed in various areas like the media and in law schools.

Who is an attorney?

An attorney is a lawyer. However, the context is rather profound since the term lawyer is ambiguous and less expressive in its meaning. According to expert details about the context of an attorney, an attorney at law is a lawyer who is certified to practice in high courts. An attorney at law is qualified to prosecute and defend action in a court of law on a retainer from clients. The attorney is also renowned a counselor at law. The American legal system has a unified legal structure. As such, there is no drawn distinction between lawyers in the system. However, this varies with different countries. In fact, it’s much different in France and the United Kingdom.

What is the job of an attorney?
Upon getting a job as an attorney, the license to practice attorneys can file legal pleadings in court. This is actually the first step to a law career. The attorney can also argue cases in court. Most of attorneys at law will represent clients in federal courts, though these federal courts require separate admissions. The attorney also can offer legal advice. In fact, attorneys provide legal advice to clients of various distinctions. Attorneys also work as legal advisors to companies and institutions. The attorney also drafts wills, deeds, contracts, and trusts for clients.

Attorneys will also deal with real estate closings. It is actually commonplace practice that only attorneys can perform foreclosures and real estate closing. Though the role of the lawyer is closing, he may also primarily notarize the documents and make disbursement and funds settlements through escrows. Being an attorney is not just these things, it also involves interviewing and cross-examining clients. Attorneys also analyze and identify queries, research law and devise solutions to legal problems, subsequently executing the solutions to these problems promptly. An attorney can also file motions in court and ask for injunctions and other key legal contexts.

Attorneys gain their education to have the proficiency to handle all these tasks. In fact, most legal training is aimed at identifying legal contexts and issues. It entails gaining proficiency in seeking facts and arguing these facts in court in favor of a client. This is the greater task of any attorney. While practicing law and winning cases is a key achievement, most attorneys take pride in their job. Most attorneys will tell their clients that winning cases is their job. Most families and even individuals have their own attorneys. This has made the need for legal services increase making a job as an attorney a lucrative practice.
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