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The Final Preparations for Bar Exam

published February 10, 2009

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The February bar examination is only a few days away. You must have been following a stringent prep schedule for the past few months. Some of you may have already taken this exam last July and have put in more efforts to pass it this time. If this is your first time, you might be too anxious to sleep, especially in these last few days. Whatever situation you are in, you need to keep yourself calm and composed. Here are answers to some important queries that you may have about your last-minute bar exam preparation:

What should I do to manage the last-minute stress?

We all have different ways of managing stress. The most important thing to remember is to stay positive. Keep away from pessimists; they pull you down.

''I start my day with a positive note. That makes my whole day worthwhile. For example, every morning, I say, ‘I will easily clear bar this time.’ It keeps me charged up all day,'' says Karen, a recent law graduate.

There are various ways you can manage stress. Exercising and yoga have proven to be quite effective for many students. The whole idea is that whatever you do in your free time should relax you and get you going. It can be any hobby, like playing football, dancing, or something as simple as taking a long bath, chatting with friends, or listening to music. Remember, do not panic. Keep yourself as calm as possible.

What is the best time and place to study?

Early mornings and late nights work perfect for many students. By now, you must have identified the hours that work best for you. At this last minute, do not try experimenting by changing your study time from mornings to night or vice versa. Continue with what works best for you.

As for the best place, always study in the environment which is most comfortable to you. This can be your room, the next-door library, your school library, a friend’s place (if you prefer group study), or a coffee shop. You will realize that your study environment makes a lot of difference in your preparation.

What should I do the day before the exam?

First of all, do not study the day before the exam. Keep yourself relaxed. Make sure you get a good eight hours of sleep and have proper meals. Make a check list of all the things that you will need for the next day, such as:

  • Clothes: Decide to wear something extremely comfortable. You are not going for a fashion show; this is an extremely important exam. Wear warm clothes and keep accessories to the minimum. Don’t forget to wear a watch.
  • Stationery: Pack at least three to four pencils, a couple of pens, and an eraser. Pack your laptop if you are using it to take your exam. Don’t forget the charger!
  • ID Card: Make sure bring your ID Card. You won’t be able to sit for this exam without it!
  • Others: You might need the following too: snacks, throat lozenges, and earplugs.
What are the things to remember for the big day?

Make sure you arrive ahead of time at your examination center. While taking the exam, make note of the following:

  • Don’t look around: you might get distracted. Concentrate on your paper.
  • Thoroughly read every question. There are chances that at a glance, you think you don’t know the answer when you actually do.
  • Analyze every question from all aspects. Even if you think you do not know the answer, you might hit on something, but do not waste too much time there.
  • Manage your time wisely. First, go through every question and answer the ones you already know. Keep the ones you don’t know for the end.
  • Don’t aim for perfection. Remember, your goal should be to pass. Keep a balance of perfect answers and not-so-perfect ones.
  • After the exam, don’t discuss much with your friends or classmates. Just believe in yourself that you gave it your best effort and forget about it until the results are announced.
Good luck, students! Keep yourselves focused and you will come out winners. But, don’t lose heart if you don’t pass. If you fail now and pass in July, no one will care! Continue working smart and keep focused.