Game of Body and Mind, Hole in One! Golf Anyone?

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The dignity. The serenity. The accuracy. The precision. The sport of golf truly is a game of the mind. Much like chess, one must be focused and knowledgeable. The game demands nothing less than 100% from both your mind and body. The course, if you don't respect it, will tear you apart and leave you cowering. The game is grueling and at the same time rewarding. What better victory than beating the course at her own game by walking away 10 under par. And what sport can compare to golf's venues? Acres of green rolling hills, pristine lakes, and rich forests surround you as you tee off. Yes, golf is the game of kings. And like a true king (or queen), you should definitely own your own golf course. In this way, you'll without a doubt be a cut above the rest.

The Cottonwood Golf Course is not Sir Putt-A-Lot's miniature golf course. Even the pros will have trouble with this course, which winds through birch, poplar and oak forests. With 24 water hazards, accuracy off the tee is essential. If your guests don't have a soft touch on the green, you're sure to lose a lot of friends, as they'll double bogie on more than one hole. But who needs friends when you have a golf course? People from miles around will pay any price for a LawCrossing Golf Membership. Membership to the site is the bee's knees; so it stands to reason the golf membership will be too. This golf course is both beautiful and challenging and with proper marketing is sure to gain fame across the country.

Your $2.3 million will buy you more than just 18 greens. You'll get 538 acres of land. Like a true entrepreneur, you can develop homes and condos and make even more money. After a round of golf with your closest buds, you can head over to the 4,000- square-foot clubhouse to have dinner, maybe some wine (What am I saying? Of course some wine.), and share tall tales, like the time you aced that par five.

And who wants to lug those Calloway clubs around? This all-inclusive golf course package comes with golf carts. Not up for an entire round of golf? Then work on your drive or practice putting. The Cottonwood Golf Course provides ample room for members to work on their game.

Now, if you think a $2-million golf course is a joke, as all LawCrossing members should, ("Only $2 million? Please, don't insult me."), then head to Florida, where you can find an $8-million golf course. But with the way Frances is wreaking havoc over there, I wouldn't recommend it.

With time, the LawCrossing golf course will become so renowned, the PGA will beg you to host the Masters Tournament. My advice? Do it, but under one condition: that they give you a green jacket of your very own.

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