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New York Law School, New York City, New York

published November 05, 2007

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<<The school operates according to a set of three core values:
  • Embrace innovation.
  • Foster integrity and professionalism.
  • Advance justice for a diverse society.
These three values are touted as definitive in the school's approach to educating and producing quality lawyers. Dean Richard A. Matasar professes the following:

"The thrust of my work for the last several years has been in two different directions: first, to radically disrupt our traditional approach to legal education by emphasizing the need for professionalism and the need for educational institutions to be flexible; and second, to force the profession of law and the legal academy to think about ways they can work with each other. Law schools need to be more businesslike, and lawyers need to be better teachers."

In accordance with its goal of being a decidedly nontraditional law school, the school offers a traditional J.D. program as well as a number of joint degree programs, including an accelerated LL.M. in Taxation program, a J.D./M.B.A. program (with Baruch College), an environmental law concentration program (to be taken at Vermont Law School), and B.A./J.D. and B.S./J.D. "Three + Three" programs, which enable students to complete both their undergraduate and law degrees in a total of six years.

The "Three + Three" option is offered in conjunction with Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, New Jersey), Adelphi University (Garden City, New York), New England College (Henniker, New Hampshire), and Southern Vermont College (Middlebury, Vermont).

New York Law School also offers a study abroad option for students which allows them to spend a semester or a summer at a foreign law school that is ABA approved.

Tuition at the university runs to $40,478 for full-time students and $31,124 for part-time students. Room and board, while varying from student to student, can be pricey (it is Manhattan, after all) and average out to $15,165. Scholarships, financial aid, and a number of grants are available to all students.

For the 2007 entering class, out of a total 5,448 applicants, 551 enrolled. The median LSAT score was 155, and the median GPA was 3.3. The 75th percentile LSAT score and GPA were 157 and 3.54, while the 25th percentile figures were 153 and 3.03.

The class was split evenly between female and male students with almost 30% being of non-Caucasian ethnicity. The average age of full-time students was 24; the average age of part-time students was 29. The ages of law students ranged from 20 to 63.

Approximately 1,400 students are currently enrolled. The current faculty numbers include 76 full-time and 175 adjunct professors.

The school also has the following established academic centers which focus on certain legal concentrations: the Center for Business Law and Policy, the Center for International Law, the Center for New York City Law, the Center for Professional Values and Practice, the Center for Real Estate Studies, the Institute for Information Law and Policy, and the Justice Action Center.

A variety of clinics are also available, including the Employment Discrimination Clinic, Criminal Law Clinic, Elder Law Clinic, Employment Law Clinic, Mediation Clinic, Poverty Law Clinic, Securities Arbitration Clinic, and Special Education Clinic.

A wide array of publications are completed every year by New York Law, including the school's student-edited journal, New York Law School Law Review. The academic centers are also responsible for a number of publications, among them CityLaw, CityLand, CityRegs, Media Law and Policy, and The International Review. New York Law School Magazine (the alumni magazine), DeNovo (the student newspaper), and the Global Human Rights Bulletin are other popular publications.

Notable alumni include Princeton University President Edward Duffield, current Vice President and General Counsel of General Motors North America Christopher Johnson Jr., Warner Brothers Domestic Television Distribution President Kenneth D. Werner, Founder of the Jewish Defense League Meir Kahane, Founder and President of Lawyers Without Borders Christina M. Storm, and New York City Mayor John F. Hylan.

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