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Venable's employees unite over a different ball game altogether!

In 2003, when prominent district law firm, Venable moved to the historic downtown Washington, DC, location, it decided to utilize every inch of available space to the best use of its attorneys and staff. While renovating the old Hecht's department store in Penn Quarter, it made not one but two histories. One of the things is that it created Terrell Place which has a special standing in Washington's civic and commercial history, and the other, it created 10,000 square feet of terrace space and a bocce ball court on the rooftop!

That space was earmarked for all socializing events in the firm with the motive to unite people from all over the firm including associates, partners, office staff, et al. The effort was to make the various people develop a harmonious relationship with each other on the pretext of playing a friendly game invented thousands of years ago. The rules of this game are simple. Whoever tosses or rolls softball-size balls (called bocces) closest to a smaller ball (called a pallino) notches a point. And till date many a point had been notched when the simple ball game entered its fourth year, this year. This year the firm's annual tournament has a bracket that whittles 32 two-person teams down to the championship round Thursday.

The other motive is to employ its bocce court as a major recruiting weapon. The firm's website claims that is the "only firm with its own rooftop bocce court" and on the other hand also places its practice stating "priorities still favor client business over the tournament."

Therefore what William D. Coston, partner-in-charge of Venable's Washington, DC office, and a veteran litigator stated four years back, "We think it will be an excellent home and an effective location for us to continue serving both the Washington community as well as our clients nationally [..] where it would be best enjoyed by all of our employees," holds true till date. Venable men may squabble over the bocce scores, but the firm bond between them remains ever strong.

Greenberg Traurig raids Fulbright for five Real Estate attorneys
Prominent international law firm Greenberg Traurig, LLP, raided rival firm Fulbright & Jaworski for five real estate attorneys who will help Greenberg launch its real estate practice in the Houston office.

The team will be headed by well-known real estate attorney, Kent Newsome, a veteran of 22 years, who will assume responsibility of Houston's real estate practice as the chairman. Newsome's Houston team will comprise Of Counsel Gerald Lance along with associates Robert Brannon, Adam MacLuckie, and Thomas Rogers. Doug Atnipp, managing shareholder of the Houston office stated that Newsome's vast experience in commercial real estate, real estate development, healthcare acquisitions and development, besides many others will position the firm's name as a force to acknowledge in the particular practice area.

Greenberg Traurig has more than 1,700 attorneys and governmental affairs professionals in its offices spread across continents.


Phew! Our superheroes are rescued
Superman, stuck on the highway along with Spiderman, Batman, Robin and The Riddler, was rescued by real heroes-Highways Agency Traffic Officers. The superheroes convoy came to a halt on the dangerous hard shoulder, when Superman had to pull over because of a punctured tire. The guys in fancy dress were driving down from Birmingham to France to attend a car show. One of the traffic officers, who escorted Superman along with his car to a safe place off the highway, said that they came across many things during duty, but they met stranded superheroes for the first time. Traffic Officer Rajinder Mahay said, "Breaking down on the motorway can be a scary experience no matter who you are."

Greenberg Traurig, L.L.P

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