Lying Lawyer

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<<Valery began working as a paralegal in 1996 for Anderson Kill & Olick, PC, earning $21,000 per year. While working for Olick, Valery claimed to be attending Fordham University School of Law in 1998 and to have passed the bar in 2003.

However, it wasn't until until November 2006 that Olick executives checked out Valery's credentials and discover he had lied. He was then fired.

Valery was charged on June 5, 2007, in the Manhattan Supreme Court where he pleaded not guilty. Again. "In January he was charged with impersonating a lawyer and perjury in Connecticut after he allegedly filed an affidavit there seeking permission to represent an Anderson Kill & Olick client in Connecticut courts by claiming he was properly admitted to practice in New York," says an article on

The article goes on to say that "the Connecticut perjury charges carry a potential prison term of five years; the grand larceny charge in New York has a potential penalty of 15 years in prison. Impersonating a lawyer is only a one-year misdemeanor in both states."

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