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Thompson Hine partner selected for 2007 Burton Award for Legal Achievement

Leslie W. Jacobs, a partner at Thompson Hine, LLP, will receive the 2007 Burton Award for Legal Achievement for his article "Criminal Enforcement of Antitrust Laws - Problems with the U.S. Model." Out of nearly 1,000 law firms that competed, only 30 partners will be awarded.

Jacobs, part of Thomas Hine's Competition, Antitrust & White-Collar Crime practice group, wrote the article for the Fordham Competition Law Institute on international law and policy. He is involved in other professional and community activities and also writes and lectures on various legal and business topics.

The Burton Foundation is a volunteer and non-profit organization. The Burton Awards recognize excellence in legal writing. Articles written by law firm partners, counsel, or law school students can only be submitted by managing partners from the nation's largest 1,000 law firms and law school deans. Selections are then made by law school deans and managing partners of the same law firms.

In a double win for the firm, Thopson Hine has been ranked fourth in the country among firms with 500 or less lawyers, on the parameters of general satisfaction and integration effectiveness. The survey was conducted by Major, Lindsey & Africa, a legal search firm.
Thompson Hine, a leading business law firm in the U.S., was founded in 1911 and has a staff of nearly 370 lawyers. The firm has offices in Atlanta, Cincinnati, and New York among other places.

Bingham's merges with a LA boutique, acquires 40 lawyers
In its third combination with a California firm in five years, Bingham McCutchen, LLP, will absorb nearly 40 lawyers from Los Angeles boutique firm Alschuler Grossman, LLP.

During the 55 years of its practice, Alschuler Grossman has made its mark in high-stakes business litigation. The combination is expected to bolster Boston-based Bingham's litigation strength in Southern California.

The Alschuler combination is Bingham's eighth since 1997 and raises the firm's number of lawyers in California to 350.

Apart from litigation, Alschuler also deals in the real estate, M&A, securities, and intellectual property practice areas. The firm, with a strong base in Los Angeles, has recently been in the news because of its accountants' liability and securities class actions, contract disputes, complex business litigation and patent infringement lawsuits.

Bingham McCutchen now has 1,000 lawyers operating from its 13 global offices.


Superglued to be supersafe!
Robbers strip victim and glue him to exercise bike

Since thief-nabbing techniques are constantly advancing, the thieves themselves are forced to better their skills, as well. They are getting more innovative by the minute! However, the use of adhesives is a little questionable?! Confused? Read on. Robbers hijacked a 50-year-old man from a posh suburb of Johannesburg and forced him to take them to his home situated elsewhere. Forced at gunpoint, with handguns and an automatic assault rifle, the poor man was not left with much choice. Once home, the thieves, dressed to the hilt in suits, ordered the owner to undress and get atop the exercise bike. He obliged and was glued to the seat of the bicycle. Wait, the ordeal didn't end there. As a super-safety measure, they also super-glued his hands and his feet to the bicycle and made sure his lips were sealed shut too! Once safe, the thieves helped themselves to high-priced Chivas Regal Scotch whisky while cleaning out all the man's belongings. The poor owner was obviously forced to remain super-silent and super-patient for three whole hours!! That's when his partner came home to the super-discovery, relieving him of his undignified misery. Emergency services workers used Vaseline and chemicals to loosen the glue and ease him off the sticky mess. Super-thieves, hmm?

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