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Four members of Mintz Levin top as Washington, DC, Super Lawyers

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky, and Popeo, P.C. added quite a big feather to its hat with four of its members selected as Washington DC Super Lawyers 2007. The list was published in The New York Times, Washington, DC, edition on March 25. It was also carried by the magazine Washington DC Super Lawyers. The choices were made through ballots sent to more than 35,000 local attorneys. The super four include Charles D. Ferris, David Barmak, Howard J. Symons, and Susan Neuberger Weller.

All of the super four are members of the firm's Washington, DC, office. While Ferris and Symmons practice in the communications section, Neuberger and Barmak practice intellectual property and employment law, respectively. All of the super lawyers have a sterling career and impeccable track records.

Mintz Levin has offices in U.S. and U.K. and falls within the top 100 law firms listed by AmLaw. Founded in 1933, its highly qualified and dedicated 450 attorneys serve clients like public corporations, start-ups and emerging growth companies, investors, academic institutions, and industry associations.

Enhancing relationship intelligence of law firms
Today it is critical for large law firms to continually respond to RFPs to achieve the firm's new business targets. Secondly, proposals are becoming more complicated in nature. Market realities coupled with a desire to serve the client better are forcing the law firms to transform their proposal management departments. They are becoming more tech-savvy.

Presently, many large law firms use CRM software InterAction. InterAction assists the law firms in collecting comprehensive client data. Additionally, the software also helps the firm in its decision taking process by transforming this data into the Relationship Intelligence.

Proposal Software, Inc. has recently come out with software that adds value to InterAction through the process of synchronization.

The integration of both software platforms enables Proposal's Proposal Management and Production System (PMAPS) to directly access the data organized by InterAction. It ensures more competency, uniformity, and reliability of the collected data regardless of target.


Geek's Peak!
Who would have guessed that some geeky technician is actually a porn freak? Here is a creepy story! A 22-year-old California woman is suing Best Buy and its Geek Squad after one of their technicians allegedly taped her taking a shower. Technician Hao Kuo Chi, 26, visited Sarah Vasquez's home on March 4th to fix her computer. Chi then asked to use the bathroom where he supposedly hid a cell phone behind the sink. After a shower in the bathroom, she discovered the blinking phone on her sink. Shocked and awed, Vasquez felt "embarrassed and dirty" as this got recorded when she was naked. Later, a phone was found in her 13-year-old sister's room. Vasquez and her family now seek compensation from the company for "negligent misrepresentation and hiring, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional stress". Chi is also facing criminal charges that include "two counts of invasion of privacy and one count of child molestation". Guys and gals you have to be very careful when you let strangers into your house!!


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