April 2 2007 Legal Blog Roundup

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Have you ever seen The Crying Game? I had blocked all memories of that movie (and Boy George, for that matter) out of my mind. Unfortunately, it all came rushing back to me when I read about this on How Appealing. Apparently, after this couple got divorced, the wife had a sex-change operation and became a man. I have to give props to the husband's lawyer for coming up with the argument that he shouldn't have to pay his ex-wife-who-is-now-a-man alimony because Florida doesn't recognize same-sex marriage and because his wife was legally declared dead after the sex-change operation. Even if the court rejected the argument, that's creative thinking at its finest.

Moving on, over at Overlawyered, I read about a stellar do-gooder. After jumping in front of a moving train to save someone, Wesley Autrey naturally decided to hire an attorney to help him profit from his newfound fame and reputation. (I guess knowing he did the right thing wasn't enough for him.) Sadly for Mr. Autrey, his plan didn't pan out; he's now suing his attorney, claiming that the contract he signed is unfair and exploitative. Now, call me crazy, but in my opinion, Autrey is not in a position to accuse anyone of being exploitative.

That's all for this week; let's hope the weather warms up soon!

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