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Kilpatrick Stockton elects new executive committee

Atlanta-based law firm Kilpatrick Stockton elected four partners to serve on the firm's Executive Committee beginning in 2008. These four partners, Charles Calkins, a partner in the firm's Intellectual Property Department in Winston-Salem; Candace Fowler, a partner in the firm's Financial Transactions, Real Estate and Restructuring Department; Phillip Street, who chairs the firm's Healthcare and Life Sciences team in Atlanta; and, David Whelpley, a partner in the firm's Corporate Department in Charlotte, will serve one-year terms. Apart from the four, Miles Alexander, Steve Clay, and Bob Elster were re-elected to the committee as the firm's co-chairs.

The full-service international law firm has more than 500 attorneys in its nine offices across the globe. Its attorneys provide innovative business solutions to blue-chip corporations on financial transactions and securities and IP management.

AndersonTuell to focus on Federal Indian Law
AndersonTuell, LLP, opened account as a débutant firm in the nation's capital to address issues focusing strictly on Federal Indian law. The founding partners, Michael J. Anderson and Loretta A. Tuell, were earlier the founding partners at Monteau and Peebles. They, together with five other attorneys and two staff members will represent nationwide clients on American Indian Tribal Government clients' regulatory, legislative and litigation interests before the Congress, federal agencies, and courts.

A former deputy assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs at the U.S. Department of Interior, Anderson will be assisted by Tuell, who served as director of the Office of American Indian Trust and special assistant and counselor to the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs. Detailing the aims of the firm, they said it will look into providing specialized law practice that would work from in-house tribal counseling to helping "tribal governments operate effectively, efficiently, and independently."

A totally Indian-owned law firm with a Native American woman at the helm of affairs, the law firm will practice in areas such as general counseling to tribal governments, environmental law, housing, healthcare, federal recognition, trust land acquisitions, tax law, tribal codes and Indian gaming law. Another partner Derril B. Jordan, former associate solicitor for Indian Affairs at the Department of Interior will also join the firm as partner.

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